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Featured Sensor Use Cases

With a growing library of use cases, the real-world applications of LoRa Technology cover a wide variety of markets around the globe. LoRa®-enabled devices are creating business efficiencies for industry, optimizing city operations and improving lives at home. Explore featured sensor use cases below.

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Advantech is a leading provider of trusted and innovative products, services, and solutions. Advantech offers comprehensive system integration, hardware, software, customer-centric design services, embedded systems, automation products, and global logistics support. Advantech cooperates closely with its partners to provide complete solutions for a wide range of applications in various industries. Its mission is to enable an intelligent planet by developing automated and embedded computing products and solutions that facilitate smarter working and living. With Advantech products, the application and innovation potential becomes unlimited. 

Adveez designs and manufactures data capture and hands-free access control hardware and software used in asset tracking and security, worker/resident safety and commercial security. The Adveez portfolio of IoT products address data capture needs to improve business’ operational costs and worker safety. Ground-up hardware and software designs are purposely built to optimize product performance, capability and cost.

Ahoy systems is focused on smart cities, LoRaWAN™, and e-surveillance systems to improve operational efficiency of companies, cities and countries in a short time and with the lowest costs.

Apana is a technology and services company that helps businesses manage water. Real-time, automated information empowers frontline operators with data to address problems when they occur and to institutionalize best practices throughout the organization’s water processes. Companies leverage Apana’s intelligence to reduce risk, strengthen operational efficiency and enhance sustainability measures to improve their bottom line.

Beartooth helps users to be connected at all times without reliance on cellular networks. The devices are designed to keep users connected in a variety of environments, situations and locations. 

Butano24 is a commercial name that belongs to Serviglp Sl which provides services to GLP distributers by capturing and processing bottled GLP client’s orders and sending them via Internet to the logistic delivery chain. The company also develops IoT devices to automatize and facilitate the relation between energy and utility suppliers and its clients.

CareBand, headquartered in Chicago, started its company with the vision of keeping seniors safe and providing peace of mind for families and caregivers. CareBand is well supported by expert engineers, medical directors with years of clinical knowledge and a team of experienced entrepreneurs. CareBand’s product is designed to empower elderly with dementia and caregivers. 

Chipsafer is a platform that can track and detect anomalies in livestock behavior at any time and place with the aim of isolating the outbreak of such anomalies as soon as possible. Their goal is to develop a global IoT platform that uses Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) sensors equipped with GPS or Galileo receivers to track the position of cattle, and determine the health of each animal using proprietary algorithms.

CivicSmart is a smart parking meter designer and manufacturer. The company offers a complete end-to-end smart parking solution, including in-space sensors, smart parking meters and Cloud-based software to manage and track the system. 

EasyReach aims to be one of India’s top IoT solution companies by building solutions that specifically address Indian problems while keeping the Indian context and constraints in mind. They are building IoT solutions for the retail industry that enhance productivity, track assets and improve ROI for brands and retailers. Eventually EasyReach plans on expanding their offerings to other verticals with similar needs with what they call the “EasyReach IoT platform.” Currently, EasyReach is one of India’s biggest cloud controlled digital signage providers with over 3,000 locations across the country.

Founded in 2014, Eddy Solutions is an industry leader in flood and leak protection and water conservation solutions, committed to helping customers control, protect and conserve. 

GlobalSat WorldCom Corporation was established in 2000 and soon became a major manufacturer for GPS receivers and module makers in the world.  After years of innovation and cultivation, GlobalSat has accumulated profound experiences in all types of GPS application fields and refined its core product lines into four categories: GPS Tracking System for personal and fleet, GPS/Bluetooth Wearable Sport Devices, IoT Products, and GPS Modules and Receivers.

Green Stream is contributing to the smart cities movement by combining Internet of Things technology with remote sensors, advanced electronics, distributed power, cloud computing and data science. Their vision is to use our platform to provide micro-local environmental information for a more informed public, more automated and more thorough environmental assessments, and smarter, safer more resilient communities. 

Hanbit was started with an innovative framework for providing end-to-end automation solutions in the areas of gas, water and electricity metering. Hanbit also has expertise in providing comprehensive solutions on wired and wireless communication. 

Established in 2014, IoTsens is a division of the Grupo Gimeno Holding, specializing in hardware and software solutions for the Internet of Things. The company provides scalable and interoperable solutions to collect and exchange data connecting physical with digital world resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit.

Kaifa Metering is committed to providing customers with complete sets of solutions and supporting services of Electricity Meter, Water Meter, Gas Meter and Heat Meter and has more than 20 years’ experience of independent R&D. As the first smart metering enterprise that exports smart meter that “Designed and Made in China”, Kaifa Metering is the only company in China that has deployed large-scale smart meters and participated in major AMI projects in Europe and has delivered more than 28 million smart meters to Europe.

KernelSphere Technology offers innovative IT solutions and services with a focus on exceptional customer service and training. The company is an end-to-end systems integrator providing the most advanced software, hardware and connectivity solutions. Professional consultants and engineers design customized IT solutions to meet project requirements. KernelSphere is located in India and runs IoT Labs at various universities in the country. 

KingTing Tech Corporation (YoSmart) is a high-tech firm engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, distribution, and servicing of smart home devices, with R&D teams located in Irvine, California. Irvine, known for its dynamic and innovative environment and active flow and exchange of ideas among the area's entrepreneurs, is home to a cluster of high-tech sectors including biomedicine, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and software. is an operator in the market of data transmission services for the Internet of Things. Their mission is to “provide a quality service for the transfer of information anywhere in the Russian Federation.” The company is actively developing its presence globally, and constantly expanding the coverage of its network while establishing active cooperation with manufacturers, integrators, and service organizations.’s R&D service, consisting of more than 20 leading analysts and developers, ensures the continuous development of network infrastructure, and successfully solves issues of equipment-network integration, reducing partner costs and connectivity issues. 

Lineable, headquartered in Seoul, Korea, is a hardware-based startup that is creating smart solutions to help families protect and prevent potential problems. By using a combination of the most common and most advanced technologies such as Bluetooth, GPS, and LPWAN, Lineable delivers the most effective and price competitive gadgets to the market. 

Lowan is the leading LPWAN solution provider located in Hangzhou, China. The company started working on LPWA technology development in 2014 and rolled out the first LoRaWAN-based product line in 2015. Currently Lowan operates the largest LoRaWAN IoT network for smart energy in China. Lowan is continuously expanding service network and enabling intelligent future worldwide.

Maxtrack is a genuinely Brazilian company, founded in 1999 by Group MXT Holding Company. The company is a pioneer in tracking solutions for vehicles, with quality and diversification of products that have contributed to its recognition and notoriety not only in Brazil, but also in Asia, Europe and Latin America. Maxtrack is responsible for the monitoring system installed in 100% of the mass transit fleets in Santiago, Chile, and Salta, Argentina. Maxtrack is the only company in the national segment that produces and uses its own modem in its tracking devices and has built-in wireless communication solutions that allow safe, practical and efficient use.

Movtek China was established in 2016, is headquartered in Hong Kong and develops IoT terminal devices and server platforms. The company’s mission is to promote IoT technology and develop products with creative application. Dedicated to “energy-saving, safety, creativity” and releases three main product lines: smart life, industry IoT and IoT platform. 

Ofo is a Beijing, China-based bike sharing company, founded in 2014. Ofo provides 25 million daily rides with 10 million bicycles in more than 180 cities throughout Asia, Europe, and now operating in the United States in the city of Seattle. Ofo’s mission is to optimize urban short-distance travel through connective, convenient, affordable, and clean short-distance travel options.

PNI is the world’s foremost expert in precision location, motion tracking, and fusion of sensor systems into real-world applications. PNI’s sensors and algorithms serve as the cornerstone of successful IoT projects and other mission-critical applications where pinpoint location, accuracy, and low power consumption are essential. Building on decades of patented sensor and algorithm development, PNI offers the industry’s highest-performance geomagnetic sensor in its class, location and motion coprocessors, high-performance modules, sensor fusion algorithms, and complete sensor systems. PNI’s technology is used in consumer electronics and wearables, smart parking, IoT, robotics, automotive, military, and other applications, by customers such as Nintendo, Samsung, iRobot, Sony, STMicroelectronics, General Motors, and Ford.

Quantified AG takes the guesswork out of animal health by providing a better solution for cattle producers and feedlot operators. Their solutions provide faster sorting and treatment of animals, which helps stop the spread of disease. 

Sensoterra has developed a wireless, self-sustaining, low-cost system to measure soil moisture in real-time. Sensoterra is purpose built to operate on LoRaWAN infrastructure and capable of meeting the most demanding customer specifications at the lowest possible total cost of ownership. 

In August 2011, Suntront had a successful IPO public listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and has since rapidly grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of smart meters in China. For 18 years, Suntront has been a pioneer in the development of smart meter technologies and solutions for use in the electricity, gas and water utility and distribution industries in China. Our customers include many of China’s largest public utility companies. Suntront’s total annual production capacity of smart meters now exceeds four million units. Our headquarters is located in Zhengzhou.

Teralytic is a soil analytics company that makes it easy for farmers to grow more using less, while reducing the environmental impact of agriculture. Teralytic’s wireless probe contains 26 sensors to provide the most detailed soil quality data available, reporting soil moisture, salinity, pH, and NPK at three different depths, as well as aeration, respiration, air temperature, light, and humidity. With no wires and an incredibly easy set-up, we provide customized recommendations and send real-time alerts to farmers’ phones and desktops.

Ubicquia offers municipalities, utilities, broadband service providers and lighting manufacturers a cost-effective and expandable platform for deploying simply connected, simply smart broadband, small cell and smart city services. Our plug and play network has the ability to turn any street light into a multi-function router that supports a growing list of services that include advanced lighting controls, public Wi-Fi, and the connection to third party sensors including air quality monitors and surveillance cameras.

At Vinduino we build the future of agriculture technology and increase optimized usage of scarce resources, Vinduino helps agriculture communities to better manage irrigation through open source and affordable water-saving technology.

WaterBit, is a precision irrigation company that believes in helping growers be good stewards of the land through smart agriculture. WaterBit designs innovative agriculture solutions that set the standard for quality, reliability, ease of use and total cost of ownership. WaterBit’s Autonomous Irrigation Solution (AIS) enables microblock control of local irrigation taking into account plant stage, soil conditions and weather at a level of granularity and accuracy that is not possible with other current methods. WaterBit translates technology into tangible value for growers to improve yields, optimize water usage and implement labor-saving strategies.