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Helpful Resources for Getting Started with LoRa®

Below you will find our top resources to help you learn more about LoRa Technology or bring a LoRa-based solution to market.

LoRa Video Library

Explore our growing library of videos about LoRa Technology use cases, video interviews, instructional videos, and features from our partners. 

LoRa White Papers

Dig deeper into LoRa Technology by downloading white papers from the LoRa white paper library. Find technical content, case studies, thorough use cases, and content from our partners, like Comcast's machineQ. 

LoRa Community & Technical Support

The LoRa Community is a premier user community platform for Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) technologists, developers, end users, and solution providers to connect, learn and share LoRa Technology information. The LoRa Community is the number one source for LoRa technical support. 

LoRaWAN Academy

The LoRaWAN Academy is an all-encompassing, hands-on curriculum for university students to learn about the LoRaWAN open specification. The program combines a robust online course library with LoRaWAN development kits for hands-on training.

Trademark & Logo Guidelines

Refer to the LoRa brand guidelines for comprehensive guidance on LoRa mark and logo use.