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Industrial Applications | IoT, Sensor Networks, Smart Energy Management

Enhanced industrial systems challenge existing processes to improve productivity, performance, and waste reduction. Semtech wireless charging, power management, smart switching, capacitive touch controller, and LoRa® devices enable advanced computing, security, connectivity, high-power electronics, and automation needed to transform outdated industrial systems into state-of-the-art machines that support today’s high standards for efficiency and conservation. 

Industrial Applications


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Deploying Smart Water Meters: How to Transition from AMR to AMI with LoRa-based Solutions from Birdz
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Semtech Protection Products
Semtech Wireless & Sensing Products
Semtech Signal Integrity Products
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The Things Conference 2018: LoRa Geolocation by Richard Landsdowne
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Semtech LinkCharge LP Multi-Device Charging
Semtech’s LoRa and Microchip Deliver Industry’s First All-in-One Evaluation Kit
Semtech Introduces New Neo-Iso Energy Harvesting Platform
NTT West Chooses LoRa Technology to Test a Wide Range of IoT Applications
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Semtech Product Overview: GV7700 and GV7004

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