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Network Providers

LoRa®-enabled devices communicate over the LoRaWAN™ open protocol, a low power wide area network (LPWAN) specification built on LoRa Technology and developed by the LoRa Alliance™. The LoRaWAN network facilitates interoperability of connected devices, helping to accelerate the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution. LoRaWAN networks can be public, shared, private, or enterprise deployments, enabling freedom of innovation by network providers worldwide. Explore a global coverage map of network operators from the LoRa Alliance. Highlights of deployed network providers are featured below. Find even more in the LoRa Community Catalog. 

A2A Smart City

A2A Smart City develops and manages the enabling technological infrastructures for integrated and networked digital services. The competence of A2A Smart City and the integration with the territory guarantee the rapid implementation of the most innovative projects, able to improve the quality of life in the cities. A2A Smart City is a company of the A2A Group, the largest Italian multi-utility company, at the top of the energy, environment, heat, networks and smart cities sectors.

Alibaba Cloud

As the cloud computing arm and a business unit of Alibaba Group, Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services to help power and grow your business. Alibaba Cloud ranks as the third largest public cloud services provider globally and is the leading cloud provider in the China market.


eleven-x, a Contributing Member of the LoRa Alliance, is a next-generation network operator enabling IoT. Our LPWAN is Canada’s first and only public coast-to-coast network supporting the use of low-cost sensors and devices for a variety of Smart City and Enterprise IoT applications. Based on LoRaWAN, an international standard backed by over 500 companies, our carrier-grade network enables customers in the private and public sectors to efficiently and cost-effectively manage assets, create and maintain Smart Cities, and realize environmental sustainability. 


Kerlink is a leading international one-stop-shop provider of IoT network solutions, serving telecom operators, businesses and public authorities worldwide. A co-founder and board member of the LoRa Alliance, Kerlink offers an end-to-end suite of equipment, software, applications and professional services to power and monetize IoT use cases and meet the needs of both large public networks and private deployments of all sizes. Kerlink designs and offers a full range of carrier-grade indoor and outdoor LoRaWAN gateways, currently powering most of worldwide deployments (Wirnet gateways). The company also offers a comprehensive suite of turnkey services and software covering network planning & design, network server, radio access monitoring and network infrastructure remote management, to scale operations and maximize performance (Wanesy Management Center and Wanesy Small Private Network).  Kerlink also delivers value-added software like network-based geolocation (Wanesy Geolocation), end-device remote management (Wanesy Device Management) and reference design for LoRaWAN connected devices (Low Power IoT Reference Design).


KPN envisages a world where everything is wireless, opening up an array of opportunities. With LoRa, KPN has built up a network allowing as many things to be connected as possible. As the first provider covering the whole of the Netherlands, KPN has the experience to help you with your IoT solutions.


LORIOT is a Swiss start-up in the field of Internet of Things. Its core product today is software for secure, scalable, distributed, resilient operation of LoRaWAN networks and end-to-end applications. it runs a distributed global infrastructure and connects one of the largest LoRaWAN networks in the world.


machineQ, a Comcast enterprise service, leverages connected sensor, network, and software technologies to provide end-to-end connectivity for innovative IoT solutions. The company’s flagship product is a LPWAN driven by LoRa wireless technology. LoRaWAN is an open global standard for secure, carrier-grade IoT connectivity. machineQ removes the complexity of building and connecting to a secure IoT network, giving both IoT solution providers and end-users the freedom to focus on delivering innovative solutions. 


NNNCo, established as the Australian LoRaWAN network, is providing a commercial grade low cost narrowband network for IoT as an end-to-end scalable solution to service the whole of Australia. The company is a leading authority on LoRaWAN global standard technology, which it is implementing for key industry segments including energy, water, buildings, cities and now agriculture.

NTT West

In the NTT West Group, each group company in the field of engineering, marketing and consulting, SI, information and communication processing, real estate utilization, etc., exerts synergistic effects while working closely together, further strengthening the growth strategy. We aim to improve the performance of the entire group by promoting business and reducing costs.


Objenious's network is based on LoRa radio modulation and the LoRaWAN protocol to address two fundamental issues of the Internet of Things connected: long-range connectivity and reduced energy consumption. The LoRaWAN protocol, standard on the market, is carried around the world by the LoRa Alliance, of which Objenious is a founding member.


More than 100 customers of Orange Business Services have already chosen the LoRaWAN connectivity solution in various business sectors, intelligent communities, smart homes, health,  industry and agriculture, for uses as varied as smart buildings, connected parking garages, patient home monitoring, the supply chain and geolocation.


OrbiWise SA is a leading international solution provider for LPWA IoT networks based on LoRa technology and is a contributing member of the LoRa Alliance. OrbiWise’s customers deploy LPWA networks in smart city, precise agriculture and industrial applications – amongst others. OrbiWise’s UbiQ LoRa Core Network Solution is an industry-leading product that provides the intelligence to run, maintain and observe the operations of LoRaWAN Networks. 


Proximus offers all the necessary building blocks for a customized Internet of Things solution.


A Founding and Contributing member of the LoRa Alliance, Senet is a leading provider of cloud-based network connectivity platforms for the on-demand buildout and management of the Internet of Things.  Senet owns and operates the largest public, carrier-grade LoRaWAN network in North America and our Low Power Wide Area Virtual Network (LVN™) supports global connectivity with revenue sharing opportunities based on contribution to the network buildout. We are accelerating the commercialization of LoRa applications and devices through an open partner ecosystem and are working with hundreds of businesses to revolutionize their products and operations by delivering standardized low-cost network connectivity and application enablement exactly where it’s needed, when it’s needed and at the right cost.  

SK Telecom

SK Telecom is Korea’s largest telecommunications company with more than 29 million mobile subscribers, which accounts for around 50 percent of the total market. 

Tata Communications

Tata Communications Limited along with its subsidiaries (Tata Communications) is a leading global provider of network, cloud, mobility, security and collaboration services. With a leadership position in emerging markets, Tata Communications leverages its advanced solutions capabilities and domain expertise across its global network to deliver managed solutions to multi-national enterprises and communications service providers. The Tata Communications global network includes one of the most advanced and largest submarine cable networks and a Tier-1 IP network with connectivity to more than 240 countries and territories across 400 PoPs, as well as nearly 1 million square feet of data centre and colocation space worldwide. Tata Communications’ depth and breadth of reach in emerging markets includes leadership in Indian enterprise data services and leadership in global international voice communications. 

The Things Network

The Things Network is building a network for the Internet of Things by creating abundant data connectivity, so applications and businesses can flourish. The technology we use is called LoRaWAN and it allows for things to talk to the Internet without 3G or Wi-Fi. So no Wi-Fi codes and no mobile subscriptions. It features low battery usage, long range and low bandwidth. Perfect for the IoT.

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