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Semtech to Exhibit LoRa-Enabled IoT Applications at MWC Barcelona

Displayed in the LoRa Alliance™ IoT Pavilion, LoRa Technology transforms multiple verticals with IoT demonstrations Read more

Semtech and Lacuna Receiving Messages from Space

Lacuna Space extends LoRaWAN network global coverage with satellite connectivity Read more

Semtech and WaterBit Improve the Irrigation Process in Smart Agriculture

WaterBit’s low-cost Autonomous Irrigation Solution is designed to supply farmers with accurate, real-time data Read more

Semtech’s LoRa Technology Help Saves Alzheimer Patients in Real-Time

The police in Korea plan to give Lineable’s Silver, a wearable Internet of Things (IoT) device, for free to actively locate Alzheimer patients Read more

Semtech’s LoRa Technology Locates and Actively Monitors Residents with Dementia

CareBand’s LoRa-based solution enhances quality of life for those living with dementia through proactive diagnostic technology Read more

Semtech Sponsors The Things Network’s LoRaWAN Developer Conference

The 3-day developer conference features a keynote from Semtech’s LoRa Technology experts Read more

Semtech Enables IoT of the Future with Next Generation LoRa Platform

New family of chipsets extends range with 50% reduction in power establishing LoRa as the defacto technology of choice for LPWAN solutions Read more

Semtech to Attend LoRa Alliance 10th All Members Meeting

The three day event will focus on the LoRaWAN™ network roadmap and is co-located with the Things Network LoRaWAN Developers Conference Read more

Semtech Exhibiting the Latest Internet of Things Platforms at CES 2018

Demonstrations will showcase Semtech's LoRa Technology, LinkCharge and Neo-Iso platforms Read more

Semtech Announces Industry’s First Disposable LoRa-Enabled Nano-tag for Internet of Things (IoT) Applications

New, ultra-low power LoRa-based tag features printed battery technology, enabling real-time, long range tag connectivity for numerous smart IoT applications Read more

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