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Semtech’s LoRa Technology Featured in Orion System’s Utility Meters, Gateways and Smart Lighting Solutions

Reliable data transmission from LoRa-connected meters and LoRa-enabled luminaire controllers create smarter cities Read more

Semtech Announces Sponsorship of Digital Catapult’s Future Networks Innovation Lab

The lab is one of the first facilities in Europe specifically designed to test technologies such as LoRa Technology Read more

Semtech Announces Open-Source Software for LoRa®-based Gateways at The Things Conference

New packet-forwarder protocol designed by Semtech allows secure, resource-efficient data communication and remote management across the LoRaWAN™-based ecosystem Read more

Semtech Celebrates Strong 2018 Growth of LoRa Technology Amid Milestone of 100 Network Operators Deploying LoRaWAN

Semtech driving LoRaWAN™-based ecosystem growth with support for approximately 80 million of LoRa®-enabled end nodes and hundreds of thousands of LoRa-based gateways by early 2019 Read more

Semtech to Sponsor and Keynote at Upcoming The Things Conference in Amsterdam

LoRa Technology’s proven platform is becoming the de facto leader for Internet of Things solutions worldwide Read more

Semtech’s LoRa Technology Leveraged in YoSmart’s Internet of Things Applications for Enterprise and Commercial Buildings

LoRa Technology’s proven ability to handle many sensors in a dense environment make it ideal for large smart building networks Read more

Semtech’s LoRa Technology Integrated in Lemonbeat’s Utility Metering Solution

Market-ready meters offer dual radio communication for increased accuracy Read more

Semtech Supports Deployment of Brazilian LoRaWAN-based Network

Network is expected to connect two million IoT devices by the end of 2019 Read more

Semtech’s LoRa Technology Wins Analog Semiconductor Award at Elektra 2018

LoRa sub-GHz radio transceivers enable proven Internet of Things solutions Read more

Semtech’s LoRa Technology Creates Smarter Farming Networks in Australia

This extension of LoRaWAN-based network coverage adds three million hectares to NNNCo’s publicly available smart agriculture network Read more

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