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Semtech’s LoRa® Technology Enables More Efficient Construction and Mining Machines

LoRa-based sensors from MachineMax deploy in less than a minute and provide accurate data to prevent costly engine idling Read more

Semtech’s Design Partner Program for LoRa® Technology Triples in Membership

Since its inception in September 2018, program membership has grown to 26 partner companies offering a wide range of design services Read more

Semtech’s LoRa® Technology Enabling Innovative Asset Tracking Solutions in Aerospace Manufacturing

Ineo-Sense’s “Clover-Core” sensor solutions provide capacity to reduce production lead times by up to 20% Read more

Semtech to Host Forum Focused on LoRa® Technology Development and IoT Applications in China

China’s top ecosystem partners that will present include Alibaba Cloud, Aliyun, China Unicom, and Tencent Cloud Read more

Semtech’s LoRa® Technology Reduces Water Damage in Smart Homes

LoRa-based sensors for water leakage detection offer accurate real-time data to prevent property damage Read more

Semtech and Sonova Create New Hearing Aid Solutions for Better IoT Connectivity

Ultra-small, low power wireless radio frequency IC leveraging Fast LoRa® modulation that supports multiple protocols in the 2.4GHz band Read more

Semtech Announces Availability of LoRa Cloud™ Geolocation

The new service simplifies the integration of a geolocation service for all LoRaWAN™-based devices Read more

Semtech Simplifies IoT Applications with Release of LoRa®-based Solution Accelerators

Roadmap includes new developer building blocks, Cloud services, and manageable hardware to drastically simplify the process of developing IoT applications; enables a faster time-to-market for IoT solution providers and systems integrators Read more

Semtech Demonstrates Award Winning LoRa Technology at Embedded World 2019

Demonstrations to include a LoRa-enabled smart building solution to improve efficiency and predictive maintenance Read more

Semtech’s LoRa Technology Recognized for Innovation at Mobile World Congress 2019

LoRa®-based applications impact a variety of industries ranging from agriculture to food safety Read more

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