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Cahors Sentinel

Semtech’s LoRa® Devices Create Smarter Grids with Accurate Line Fault Detection

CAHORS’ LoRa-based Sentinel® products improve operational cost and prevent faults for greater grid efficiency Read more

Semtech’s LoRa® Devices Enable AMI Metering Applications for Smarter Utility Management

NSOFT’s LoRa-based smart metering platform improves grid efficiency up to 25 percent and provide utility customers a quick return on investment (ROI) Read more
Radio Bridge

Semtech’s LoRa® Devices Connect Radio Bridge’s Next Generation Industrial Sensors

The Armored Sensor™ product line enables a variety of industrial applications and offers connectivity in difficult environments Read more
IHM Pacific

Semtech’s LoRa® Devices Create an Efficient Monitoring Solution for Reducing Energy Consumption

New smart electricity metering solution from IHM Pacific and Andrea Informatique is easy to deploy and helps reduce energy consumption up to 26 percent Read more

Semtech and Hanbit Build Efficient Water Networks with LoRa® Devices

Hanbit’s UWM products utilize LoRaWAN® connectivity to provide accurate water use data Read more
Digimondo Releases New LoRa-based Starter Package for Utilities

Semtech and Digimondo Simplify Utility Metering with New Starter Package

The end-to-end starter package allows customers to deploy utility applications developed to the LoRaWAN standard without needing prior IoT experience Read more
LoRa Corecell

Semtech Releases Indoor Reference Design for Smart Buildings and Homes

LoRa® Corecell reference design for indoor gateway applications accelerates time-to-market; the reference design reduces power consumption by up to one tenth the power of legacy products while enabling small form factor designs Read more
Semtech LoRa Alibaba Cloud Asset Tracker

Semtech and Alibaba Cloud Prevent Asset Loss and Theft with LoRa®-based Tracker

The Beagle tracker provides accurate, GPS-free location tracking and simplifies deployment for those without much Internet of Things (IoT) experience Read more
Semtech and itk Create Healthy and Productive Ranches with LoRa® Devices

Semtech and itk Create Healthy and Productive Ranches with LoRa® Devices

With an investment of less than 30€ annually per animal, ranchers have experienced return on investment in less than a year Read more
 Semtech Supports Statewide LoRaWAN® Network Deployment in Tasmania

Semtech Supports Statewide LoRaWAN® Network Deployment in Tasmania

The enterprise-grade network lets organizations benefit from Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity anywhere in-state Read more

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