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Semtech Simplifies Development of Geolocation for LoRa®-based Applications

Broadens access to network generated location data; announces Cloud-services to support rapid development of location solutions for LoRa Technology Read more

Semtech’s LoRa Technology Manages China Utilities in Real-time

Kaifa Metering’s LoRa-enabled IoT solution connects meters to the Cloud for smart utility management for up to 25% water savings Read more

Semtech and SK Telecom Leverage LoRa Technology to Monitor Cattle Health

LiveCare LoRa-based IoT system enables accurate analysis of a cow’s health and milk producing ability Read more

Semtech LoRa Technology Is a Leading IoT Solution at IoT India Congress

Conference presentation outlines LoRa Technology’s impact on next-generation smart cities Read more

Semtech and Alibaba Cloud Expands IoT Collaboration with LoRa Technology in China

Alibaba Cloud’s IoT vision is for every enterprise in the future to integrate Semtech’s LoRa Technology Read more

Semtech’s LoRa Technology Drives Proven, Flexible Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

By early 2019, there will be over 80 million LoRa-enabled end nodes and 200,000 LoRa-based gateways Read more

Semtech’s LoRa Technology and Senet’s LoRaWAN-based Network Leveraged in Flood Sensors to Monitor Water Levels

Green Stream’s IoT solution is designed for installation into complex, hard-to-reach or hard-to-cover regions Read more

Semtech, Senet and Sensoterra’s Proven IoT Solution Offers Farmers Scale and Operational Visibility

Sensoterra’s LoRa-enabled sensors reduce up to 30% of water usage in soil irrigation for commercial farms Read more

Semtech LoRa-based IoT Solution Saves 22% in Water Management

Apana’s Internet of Things (IoT) water management system deployed by Costco monitors real-time utility usage Read more

Semtech’s Design Partner Program Accelerates IoT Solutions to Market

New program connects businesses, system integrators and development teams to experienced Internet of Things (IoT) design services firms Read more

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