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Deploying an Internet of Things (IoT) solution based on LoRa Technology requires thoughtful hardware selection in early stages of the design. Gateways with Semtech LoRa® chipsets can be utilized in any smart vertical market to solve business problems and connect devices to the IoT. Highlights of deployed gateway solution providers are featured below. Find even more in the LoRa Community Catalog. 


Cisco saw the evolution of technology through the decades, even sending an Internet router to space in 2010. The company's routing and networking technology has helped millions connect to the Internet, allowing them to access information and opportunity. Cisco's telecommunications technology was one of the biggest tech breakthroughs of the 20th century. Cisco's LoRaWAN™-compliant solution connects IoT endpoints across cities or rural areas, at low cost and with low power consumption.


EveryNet is an IoT enabler with an intellectual property portfolio that is focused on providing innovative LPWA solutions that help solve the biggest IoT challenges today.


Established in 1988, Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd. is one of Taiwan’s leading companies in the Wireless Communications Technologies Industry, and remains steadfast in its chief position, constantly striving to perpetuate its legacy in this field. Over the years, Gemtek has transformed itself into a top-notch Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) for total solution providers. Gemtek employs an outstanding team of experienced research and development professionals, and is one of the few manufacturers in Taiwan that offer key technologies for Wireless Area Network and Broadband Network products. 


Founded in 2004, Kerlink is a fast-growing, global and publicly traded provider of IoT infrastructure, software and services serving telecom operators, public authorities and businesses of all sizes to design, launch and operate IoT networks. A co-founder and board member of the LoRa Alliance, Kerlink specialises in end-to-end IoT network solutions for LoRaWAN cost-effective, energy-efficient and long-distance connectivity. The company designed the world’s first commercially available product range of outdoor carrier-grade for IoT dedicated networks.


ManThink provides wireless communication products and system solutions for the whole industry chain, including base station, module, server, terminal sensor and other multi-series products, involving smart transportation, intelligent buildings, intelligent fire protection, smart agriculture and other fields, which can realize large-scale industries.


MultiTech designs, develops and manufactures data communications equipment for the industrial Internet of Things — connecting physical assets to business processes to deliver enhanced value. Our commitment to quality and service excellence means you can count on MultiTech products and people to address your needs, while our history of innovation ensures you can stay ahead of the latest technology with a partner who will be there for the life of your solution.


OrbiWise SA is a leading international solution provider for LPWA IoT networks based on LoRa technology and is a contributing member of the LoRa Alliance. OrbiWise’s customers deploy LPWA networks in smart city, precise agriculture and industrial applications – amongst others. OrbiWise’s UbiQ LoRa Core Network Solution is an industry-leading product that provides the intelligence to run, maintain and observe the operations of LoRaWAN Networks. 


RisingHF offers a complete product line to help users quickly build a LoRaWAN network.

TEKTELIC Communications

TEKTELIC is a premier supplier of best-in-class LoRaWAN IoT gateways, sensors and custom applications. These elements combined provide a powerful end-to-end solution that can be easily, quickly and cost effectively deployed to address the most demanding IoT user requirements. With a growing portfolio of products, TEKTELIC has solutions to address most global ISM frequency bands, and its products can address a wide variety of vertical applications ranging from enterprise and commercial deployments to service provider and industrial solutions.

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