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LoRa® Products, Software, Cloud Services & Servers

Semtech’s LoRa long-range, low power wireless platform is a groundbreaking technology enabling our world to become a smarter planet. LoRa wireless products are the ultimate solution for eliminating repeaters, reducing cost, extending battery life, and improving network capacity.


LoRa® Gateways

LoRa gateways are intermediaries that allow sensing devices to transmit data to the Cloud.

LoRa® Transceivers

LoRa transceivers feature a long-range wireless modem that provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity while minimizing current consumption.

Number Name
LLCC68 LoRa® Smart Home, Low Power LoRa Transceiver +22dBm
SX1261 Long Range Low Power LoRa® RF Transceiver +15dBm, global frequency coverage
SX1262 Long Range Low Power LoRa® Transceiver +22dBm, global frequency coverage
SX1268 Long Range Low Power LoRa® Transceiver +22dBm, China frequency bands
SX1272 Long Range, Low Power RF Transceiver 860-1000 MHz with LoRa® Technology
SX1276 137 MHz to 1020 MHz Long Range Low Power Transceiver
SX1278 137 MHz to 525 MHz Long Range Low Power Transceiver
SX1261DVK1BAS Development Kit, SX1261, 868 MHz for Europe
SX1261DVK1CAS Development Kit, SX1261, 923 MHz for Asia
SX1261DVK1CASTELEC Development Kit, SX1261, 923 MHz for Japan TELEC
SX1261MB2BAS Mbed Shield, SX1261, 868 MHz for Europe
SX1262DVK1CAS Development Kit, SX1262, 915 MHz for North America
SX1262DVK1DAS Development Kit, SX1262, 866 MHz for India
SX1262DVK1PAS Development Kit, SX1262, 915 MHz for Australia and North America
SX1262MB2CAS Mbed Shield, SX1262, 915 MHz for North America
SX1262DVK1CBS Development Kit, SX1262, 923 MHz for Korea
SX1268DVK1GAS Development Kit, SX1268, 490 MHz for China and Asia
SX1268DVK1NAS Development Kit, SX1268, 780 MHz for China and Asia
SX1272RF1BAS Single RF Module, SX1272, 868 MHz
SX1272RF1CAS Single RF Module, SX1272, 915 MHz
SX1272DVK1BAS Development Kit, SX1272, 868 MHz
SX1272DVK1CAS Development Kit, SX1272, 915 MHz
SX1272MB2DAS Mbed Shield, SX1272, 868 and 915 MHz
SX1276RF1IAS Single RF Module, SX1276, 169 MHz (LF) or 868 MHz (HF)
SX1276RF1JAS Single RF Module, SX1276, 433 MHz (LF) or 868 MHz (HF)
SX1276RF1KAS Single RF Module, SX1276, 470 MHz (LF) or 915 MHz (HF)
SX1276DVK1IAS Development Kit, SX1276, 169 MHz (LF) or 868 MHz (HF)
SX1276DVK1JAS Development Kit, SX1276, 433 MHz (LF) or 868 MHz (HF)
SX1276DVK1KAS Development Kit, SX1276, 470 MHz (LF) or 915 MHz (HF)
SX1276MB1LAS Mbed Shield, SX1276, 433 MHz (LF) or 915 MHz (HF)
SX1276MB1MAS Mbed Shield, SX1276, 433 MHz (LF) or 868 MHz (HF)
SX1302IMLTRT Digital Baseband Chip for LoRaWAN gateways


LoRa Basics™

LoRa Basics help developers bring LoRa-based applications to market faster. The software building blocks assist solution developers in quickly realizing the return on investment (ROI) their customers want. All LoRa Basics releases are available on Semtech’s LoRa Developer Portal as open source.

  • LoRa Basics MAC: provides the firmware an end-device developer needs to get LoRaWAN-based radios up and running
  • LoRa Basics Station: a new LoRaWAN-based gateway packet forwarder with secure and robust data communication and remote gateway management protocols



Cloud Services

LoRa Cloud™ Services will deliver easy to use tools for solution providers to deliver value more rapidly with less development overhead.

  • LoRa Cloud Geolocation: This service enables developers to quickly build IoT solutions which leverage multi-modal location capabilities (including Wi-Fi, GNSS and LoRaWAN-based geolocation) without taking on the development complexity (and repetition) involved in building a solution from scratch. The service is designed from the outset to support flexibility in deployment options, cost effectiveness and ease of use.

Network Servers

A free, non-commercial LoRaWAN network server is an opportunity for companies to explore innovative use cases and have a secure area to evaluate their LoRa-based applications. Users will be able to test key capabilities, including on-boarding gateways, view sensor data log and network activity, and forward data to an application server for visualization and processing compliant with the LoRaWAN specification. Semtech’s free demonstration network server is available at the links below.

Access is region specific:

Developer Kits

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