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Enthusiasm, Creativity and a Passion for Excellence

At Semtech, we stress the importance of pursuing both work and life with enthusiasm, creativity and a passion for excellence. Our core values enable us to do just that. They aren’t simply words on a paper; they’re the ultimate definition of what we stand for. These principles foster a productive workplace and enable growth and progress.

  • Team and innovation in all areas

    • Common purpose – we need to all row in the same direction
    • Create an environment that facilitates freedom to innovate & achieve extraordinary results
    • Challenge the status quo, take measured risks and resist conventional thinking
    • Learn to win and lose as a team
  • Treat all individuals with dignity and respect

    • Treat people the way you want to be treated
    • Attack the problem not the person
    • Respect and value diversity of experience, culture and opinions
    • Learn from everyone – peers, subordinates, bosses, competitors, and customers
  • Honesty and integrity in all we do

    • Never compromise your integrity
    • Hold everyone accountable and recognize each other’s contributions
    • Explicitly communicate goals and standards of behavior
    • Do the right thing even when no one is looking or will ever find out
  • Open and direct communication

    • Communicate clearly and candidly
    • Challenge people, but learn to listen
    • Focus on what is right not who is right
    • Acknowledge that debate contributes to productive meetings
  • Fiscal responsibility

    • Focus on efficiencies of time, work effort, decision making, and $ expenditures
    • Build a plan and work to meet or exceed that plan
    • Treat every $ of the Company's money respectfully
    • If in doubt, ask your boss