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Creating a Comprehensive and Safe Gas Utility System

A LoRa-enabled CGSS solution delivers a complementary solution that can easily coexist with existing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems. Read more
All About Circuts

Team Up Blasts LoRaWAN Into Space for Satellite IoT Connectivity

The LoRa (long-range) wireless protocol is picking up steam as Semtech and Lacuna team up to push the Internet of Things (IoT) communication into areas previously inaccessible. Read more

Semtech Announces Integration Of LoRa Edge Geolocation Service Into Tencent’s Cloud IoT Explorer

New solution from Tencent Cloud utilizes Semtech’s LoRa Cloud™ for users to connect Internet of Things devices to the Cloud immediately Read more

Semtech, Lacuna Space redouble satellite IoT efforts to extend LoRa to whole planet

California-based chip maker Semtech Corporation has announced a further initiative with Netherlands-based satellite IoT company Lacuna Space to expand terrestrial LoRaWAN connectivity. Read more

Semtech’s Software Upgrade Boosts LoRa Capacity, Performance — and Adds Satellite Communication

Upgrade brings LR-FHSS support, improving the capacity and robustness of LoRa networks — and allowing them to communicate with satellites. Read more

Smart Sensors Bring Breath Of Fresh Air To IAQ Management Solutions

IoT-enabled smart sensors offer a low cost, easy to deploy solution to facilities looking to improve air quality management. Read more

The Future of Smart Homes – Connected, Complementary, Conscious

The future of smart homes is bright and low-power, long-range, cost-effective IoT-powered devices are bringing us closer to this reality. Read more

Semtech Announces New Tool Suite Enabling Dense Deployments and Satellite Connectivity for LoRa

Semtech Corporation announced the release of a software upgrade for LoRa integrated circuits (ICs) and gateways that significantly increases network capacity, increases robustness to interference, and enables low-power and reliable direct data links from sensors to satellites. The software enhancement can be leveraged by second-generation LoRa ICs to enable the LoRaWAN standard new data rate, Long-Range Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (LR-FHSS), recently ratified by the LoRa Alliance. Read more

Senet and Eutelsat combine on “first and only true-global” LoRaWAN IoT network

US LoRaWAN network operator and cloud provider Senet has partnered with European satellite operator Eutelsat Communications, together with US-based LoRaWAN and GPS tracking solutions provider TrakAssure, and UK-based LoraWAN (and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi mesh) network provider Wyld Networks to integrate terrestrial and satellite LoRaWAN IoT connectivity and plug gaps in coverage in rural areas, shipping and transport routes, and other hard to reach areas. Read more

Semtech intros LoRa software upgrade to make LoRaWAN more scalable and robust

California-based chipmaker Semtech, which owns and licences the non-cellular low-power wide-area (LPWA) LoRa technology and LoRaWAN protocol, has released a software upgrade for LoRa integrated circuits (IC) and gateways to increase network capacity and performance, and enable direct data transmissions from IoT sensors to satellites. The software enhancement can be leveraged by second generation LoRa ICs to enable the new long-range (the expansion of the LoRa acronym, also) frequency-hopping spread spectrum (LR-FHSS) data rate on LoRaWAN networks, ratified in November by the LoRa Alliance. Read more

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