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Decentralised IoT Network Gets Tencent Investment

Wienke Giezeman, founder of The Things Industries, announced several breakthroughs that could tip the balance for mass deployment of LoRaWAN devices and gateways. Read more

Q&A: How Calgary is using next-gen connectivity for water conservation, noise control, and more

Calgary's LoRaWAN network is powered by Semtech’s LoRa technology, providing an efficient, flexible, and economical solution for Calgary to take advantage of data from connected sensors for the benefit of its citizens. Read more

IoT networking lab for London hires space and expertise

The Government-sponsored Digital Catapult has set-up a laboratory dedicated to low-power wireless area networks at its London headquarters. Read more
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Utility Metering Solution Taps Semtech’s LoRa Technology

Semtech has announced that Lemonbeat, an IoT solution provider, has integated Semtech’s LoRa devices and wireless radio frequency technology (LoRa Technology) into its smart metering solutions for easier reading and collection of utility usage. Lemonbeat’s LoRa-connected smart meters work by utilizing embedded LoRa-based IoT technology to connect the meter to their own purpose-built receiver units. Read more

Software for LoRa-based gateways allows secure communication

Semtech Corporation announced a new open-source packet forwarder for Linux-based gateways that allows secure, resource-efficient data communication and remote management, critical features for Internet of Things (IoT) networks. Read more

Week In Review: IoT, Security, Auto

Fixing IoT security; Arm and UKRI; Lyft CEO profile. Read more

Semtech sponsors Catapult Lab

Semtech is sponsoring Digital Catapult’s Future Networks Innovation Lab, which opened in London, earlier this week. Read more

LoRa Claims Another Milestone

As the various network technologies jostle for position, analog and mixed-signal semiconductor firm Semtech this week announced growth in demand for its LoRa devices with the cumulative deployment of approximately 80 million LoRa-enabled end nodes at the end of 2018, a 60% year-over-year increase. Semtech expects to ship hundreds of thousands of LoRa-based gateways, too, by early 2019. Read more
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Semtech Celebrates Strong 2018 Growth of LoRa Technology

Semtech driving LoRaWAN-based ecosystem growth with support for approximately 80 million of LoRa-enabled end nodes and hundreds of thousands of LoRa-based gateways by early 2019. Read more

Tata Communications’ Countrywide Internet of Things Will Manage the Chaos in India’s Booming Cities

The new network aims to improve traffic, manufacturing, health care, and more. Read more

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