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Semtech and AWS collaborate on IoT Track and Trace Services

Semtech has entered a strategic agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to license its LoRa Cloud global navigation satellite system (GNSS) geolocation services. Read more

Semtech licenses LoRa Cloud to AWS

Semtech has licensed its LoRa Cloud global GNSS geolocation services to AWS to build asset tracking and monitoring solutions and connect IoT devices, using LoRa Edge, to the Cloud. Read more

Ensure Accurate, On-Time Deliveries this Holiday Season

IoT sensors can go a long way toward alleviating shopping stress. Read more

Winds of Climate Change

Semtech's Marc Pegulu speaks to how companies are embracing smarter and more sustainable asset management, risk management and supply chain resilience continue to be of paramount importance. To optimize time, energy, and resources spent on product tracking, IoT technologies must fill visibility gaps related to asset management while meeting economic and environmental goals to protect our planet. Read more

Semtech and Exeger collaborate to collect solar energy for LoRa-enabled sensors

Semtech, owner of the LoRa long-range and low-power radio communication technology, has entered into a collaboration with the Swedish Exeger, a specialist in customizable solar cells, in order to significantly extend the autonomy batteries, asset tracking and environmental sensing devices. And this by combining Exeger's Powerfoyle technology with the LoRa Edge platform. Read more

Extreme Smart Home Makeover: Interoperability Edition with LPWAN

Whether working from home or simply looking to make life more convenient, people are always seeking out the latest and greatest in-home automation. Read more

The IoT Developer Marathon: Pushing through the ‘Last Mile’

Gathering data is a crucial function of IoT devices. Learn how to manage connections between devices and sensors to finish the last mile of an IoT project. Read more

International Internet Day: Creating a Universally Connected Planet

As we look to the future, offering reliable, seamless, and cost-effective connectivity will be key to developing a smarter, better-connected planet. Read more

LoRa Cloud for faster IoT development

Karthik Ranjan, LoRa Cloud Solutions and Partnership Leader at Semtech discusses what LoRaWAN systems and Cloud integration can achieve in the Internet of Things. Read more

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