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Amazon opens Sidewalk mesh network to outside developers

Amazon is making a renewed effort to put Sidewalk on the map, announcing Tuesday that it's opening this mesh network to outside developers and offering them free test kits to check its coverage. Read more

LoRa®-enabled third party products based on Amazon Sidewalk

Semtech Corporation has announced the first third-party Amazon Sidewalk products, based on its LoRa® technology, are now available from Browan, Deviceroy, HSB’s Meshify and New Cosmos. Motion and carbon dioxide sensors from Browan, a smart modem for solar installations from Deviceroy, a water sensor from HSB’s Meshify, and the DeNova Detect natural gas alarm from New Cosmos are some of the first Sidewalk-qualified products to be part of the secure, shared network that helps devices work better around the home and in the community. Read more

Amazon Sidewalk Is the Sleeping Giant in Your Neighborhood

The massive public mesh network taps into wireless bandwidth from Echo and Ring devices. Now, developers can build Sidewalk connectivity into their own gadgets and services. Read more


2021年に営業としてIIJに入社。翌年にIoT事業部のプロモーション担当に転属し、現在に至る。珈琲、読書、喫茶店・バー巡り、古着、アニメ・映画鑑賞、ゲームなどなど割と多趣味。写真撮影もガッツリやっていて、そのうち個展 or グループ展を開きたいと思ってます。 Read more

A single chip for global geolocation

Semtech has developed a single chip that supports the use of low power LoRa devices on bands from 150MHz up to 2.4GHz. This opens up the satellite S-band to dramatically simplify the development and global deployment of edge devices that use geolocation. Read more

Standardization Across Utilities

Utilities of all types have a need to improve control and measurement of the commodities they supply in order to bill consumption accurately, reduce wastage, cut operational costs and give a better customer experience. Read more


Ecco perché investire in una gestione sostenibile degli asset migliora l'impronta ambientale delle organizzazioni, oltre che efficientarne i processi produttivi Read more

Semtech Recognized as 2022 Global Company of the Year Award by Frost & Sullivan…

Semtech’s commitment to innovative and transformative technologies remains a main competitive advantage, making the company a preferred provider over other participants. Read more

Gestión de una cadena de suministro global a temperatura controlada

Para que los cuatro elementos clave de la cadena de frío: transporte, almacenamiento, distribución y envasado sean eficaces, la supervisión de la cadena de frío debe aplicarse en todas las fases de la cadena de suministro. Read more

Episode 406: Return of the HomePod

This week’s show kicks off with a discussion of Apple’s new HomePod, which has some cool machine learning capabilities and new sensors built into it, plus a higher price tag than most smart speakers. Then we talk about some deals in the enterprise and industrial sector with the $1.2 billion acquisition of Sierra Wireless by Semtech completed. Read more

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