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LoRaWAN integrated with AWS

Semtech has teamed up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to integrate the LoRaWAN protocol on the Network Server with AWS IoT Core, AWS’s managed Cloud service that lets connected devices interact with Cloud applications and other devices. Read more

On a construit cette ville (sur le LPWAN)

Les villes intelligentes vont connaître un bouleversement spectaculaire au cours des prochaines années, avec l'apparition d'une nouvelle méthode de déploiement de réseaux étendus sans fil à basse consommation (LPWAN). Read more
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Gas Leak Detection System Uses LoRaWAN Tech

Senet has announced it is collaborating with CNIguard and Semtech to deliver natural gas monitoring solutions to utilities across the United States. Read more

How Technology Can Streamline Supply Chain Operations For The Holidays

The pandemic has had many side effects on the global supply chain, causing severe disruptions many companies hadn’t ever experienced before. At the same time, consumer shopping patterns have changed drastically as we continue to see a reliance on online shopping and home delivery services. Read more

The Future Is Now: Alistair Fulton of Semtech On How The Internet Of Things Will Shake Up Our World

I think the IoT is the technology world’s way of putting its best foot forward to collectively solve some of the major issues we face as humanity. Read more
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How will Amazon Sidewalk impact the smart home market?

Amazon Sidewalk is bringing long range, low power to Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for smart home devices. With support from long range, low-bandwidth connectivity, consumers have the capabilities to extend the range of their home networks to connect both outdoor and indoor products, including smart lights, security systems, pet trackers, sensors for asset tracking, and a multitude of additional low cost devices needed for smart homes and smart communities. Read more
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11 Myths About 5G Networking

An increase in 5G deployments will trigger a rise in complementary technologies that offer low-power flexibility, cost-effective power, and low-bandwidth options for massive Internet of Things deployments. Read more
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5 Questions to Address Increased Supply Chain Demands

The pandemic has had many side effects on the global supply chain, causing severe disruptions many companies hadn’t ever experienced before. With increased delivery volumes and the need to ensure safety for supply chain workers, the upcoming holiday shopping season will bring with it new hurdles. Read more

The Future of IoT

What if there was a long-range, low-power alternative to Wi-Fi and 5G? Alistair Fulton, Vice-President and General Manager of Semtech, speaks to Digital Bulletin about LoRa's benefits for IoT networks and connected devices. Read more

Creating a Smart Asset-Tracking Solution for Pallet Monitoring and Beyond

Corporations around the world are acknowledging the importance of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the need for a solution that has the ability to identify, locate and track assets. Read more

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