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Enhance Holiday Shopping with IoT Technology

With U.S. holiday sales projected to skyrocket this year amidst supply-chain disruptions, it’s critical that retailers simplify the shopping experience for consumers while prioritizing security. Long-range, low-power IoT-enabled devices make this happen. Read more

5G and LoRaWAN® – Connecting the Next Billion IoT Devices

As IoT continues to connect millions of physical devices to digital assets, Semtech’s LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN standard will play an integral role. Read more

Using IoT technology to manage, track and locate cargo at sea

Marc Pégulu from Sensing Products on how best to keep track of your box shipments. Read more
IoT Business News

LoRa-based smart gas monitoring: interview with eLichens and Semtech

As Enlit is taking place tomorrow in Milan (Italy), we have met with Maxime Vincent, Sales & Marketing Manager at eLichens and Remi Demerle, Director, Developer Ecosystem, WSP LoRa Alliance and Community at Semtech to discuss how their LoRa-based smart gas monitoring solution can help prevent gas leak accidents. Read more

How stores are using the IoT to keep your favorite items in stock

The number of physical devices connected to the internet is growing. It’s now in the billions. They make up the Internet of Things (IoT), which constantly collects and shares data. The company Semtech has one of the fastest-growing technology networks in the world, supporting the Internet of Things with its LoRa devices. Marc Pegulu is Semtech vice president of IoT strategy and products. “We are seeing a tremendous transformation in the industry with digitization, and it affects a lot of sectors,” he told WVXU. Read more
IoT Business News

Game-changing technology for a more sustainable planet

For companies and organizations around the world a “green mindset” is becoming the norm and is permeating all aspects of their operations. For these technological solutions to work they must be based around products and technology that are genuinely capable of creating a smarter, more sustainable planet. With this in mind, Semtech developed a globally adopted LoRa® device-to-Cloud platform which offers a long range, low power solution for IoT applications. Read more

Intelligente Überwachung per Low-Power-Wide-Area-Network

Die Vorteile der LPWAN-Technologie für Kommunalversorger fasst Remi Demerle von Semtech in einem Gastbeitrag zusammen. Read more

Asset Tracking Gets Smarter

Asset tracking solutions that are IoT- enabled can deliver significant benefits for users in a range of sectors, says Marc Pégulu. Read more

The future of utilities begins with long-range, low-power technology

The LoRaWAN open specification is a low power, wide area networking (LPWAN) standard based on Semtech’s LoRa devices that we believe is an ideal offering for smart grids of tomorrow. Read more

Cary deploys LoRaWAN technology to improve services to residents

By leveraging LoRaWAN connectivity and SAS’ data analytics, Cary will be able to better monitor floods and provide additional community services to its citizens. Read more

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