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Smart Healthcare

LoRa Technology’s low power, low cost and reliable performance make it suitable for critical smart healthcare applications. IoT solutions comprised of LoRa®-based sensors and gateways can monitor high-risk patients or systems around the clock, ensuring health and medical safety are never overlooked.

Real-World Deployments

See how LoRa Technology is improving human health and livelihood in these real-world smart healthcare applications.

LoRa website smart health lineable
Alzheimer Patient Tracking

Lineable’s wearable tracking devices, equipped with LoRa Technology, alert caregivers when Alzheimer patients leave a designated safe zone to ensure around-the-clock safety in the absence of supervision.

LoRa website smart health careband
Dementia Patient Location

CareBand’s discreet wearable devices leverage the geolocation features of LoRa Technology to track dementia patients’ locations in real-time.

LoRa website smart health mov tech
Smart Wearables for Kids & Seniors

Movtek’s LoRa-based smart watches and bracelets track the location of children and senior citizens to bring peace of mind to families and caregivers. 

LoRa website smart health talk pool
Skier Safety Monitoring

TalkPool and Wuerth ITensis utilize LoRa-based devices to track the location and safety risk of ski school students while on the slopes of the Swiss Alps.  

Application Briefs

Learn more about specific applications of LoRa Technology in smart healthcare.

Medical refrigerators hold medications, vaccines and blood that are costly or difficult to replace. Losing power or altering temperatures can compromise refrigerator contents. A smart monitoring solution with LoRa Technology can minimize risk and prevent costly losses.
Medical Fridge
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Around the clock fall detection monitoring of the elderly is needed in some communities. LoRa Technology provides a low cost IoT solution.
Fall Detection
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