Industry Alliances

Semtech is committed to supporting professional organizations and industry alliances focused on Internet of Things (IoT) industries and the adoption of the LoRaWAN® open standard for low power wide area networks (LPWAN). As a leader in wireless RF technology innovation, Semtech actively participates in the tradeshows and conferences hosted by industry associations around the globe. Find an event near you, or explore the organizations Semtech supports below.

LoRa Alliance

As a founding member of the LoRa Alliance, Semtech is committed to supporting the organization’s mission to promote global adoption of the LoRaWAN open standard by ensuring interoperability of all LoRaWAN products and technologies. The rapidly growing association consists of nearly 500 member companies including telecommunication companies, equipment manufacturers, system integrators, sensor manufacturers, entrepreneurial start-ups and semiconductor companies from around the globe.

China LoRa Application Alliance

The China LoRa Application Alliance (CLAA) is a cross-industry, cross-department national organization participated in and built by IoT application and innovation entities in various industries. The CLAA IoT Demonstration Base initiative is the result of a cooperative formed amongst solution providers, government agencies and educational institutions to standardize the development of IoT applications in China around the LoRaWAN protocol from the LoRa Alliance. The initiative aims to provide LoRaWAN-based, carrier-level networks that all members of the cooperative can use to deploy and test their IoT applications. The cooperative also provides a supportive environment in which its members can work together to troubleshoot issues, develop new innovations and accelerate the adoption in China of IoT solutions based on LoRa Technology.

Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA)

The Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) is an international not-for-profit industry association dedicated to the advancement of intelligent home and intelligent building technologies. The organization is supported by an international membership of nearly 400 companies involved in the design, manufacture, installation and retailing of products relating to home automation and building automation. Public organizations, including utilities and government are also members. CABA's mandate includes providing its members with networking and market research opportunities. CABA also encourages the development of industry standards and protocols, and leads cross-industry initiatives.

As a Gold Board Member of CABA, Semtech supports companies developing and implementing smart building solutions based on LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN protocol. 

Euridis Association

The Euridis Association promotes the use of standard protocols like DLMS over LoRaWAN. Our members are manufacturers, utilities and software companies. Our field of expertise : the energy sector (TSO, DSO, …). Several technical committees have been created since 2003 to manage the evolution of standards like the IEC62056-3-1. Focus on Metering at the beginning, the association covers now all IoT opportunities (Network monitoring, Fault Detection, …).

By joining Euridis, Semtech brings its expertise of the LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN protocol to the association’s members.

ICA Alliance

The IoT Connectivity Alliance is an IoT standards alliance established by Alibaba's IoT industry partners to jointly develop IoT-related technologies, build relevant alliance standards, and promote national and international standards. As a member of the ICA, Semtech actively participates in member activities to optimize low-power wide area network deployments through alliance standards and improve device access efficiency.

Wireless Broadband Alliance

Semtech is proud to support the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) as a member and as a liaison via the LoRa Alliance. WBA is leading the evolution of a frictionless wireless service experience for Citizens, Businesses, Cities and Things. The WBA is committed to resolving business issues and enabling collaborative opportunities for service providers, enterprises and cities that enable them to enhance the customer experience on Wi-Fi and significant adjacent technologies.