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HDMI Wall Plates

SDVoE Semiconductor Solutions for HDMI Wall Plates

Semtech’s flagship AVP2000T is a truly bi-directional HDMI single chip solution, capable of both transmitting and receiving HDMI 2.0b to support 4K60 over standard IP networks. The part typically consumes around 2.5W, and using optical fiber connectivity to the Ethernet switch, both low power and reduced heat dissipation enable a new class of compact products, such as HDMI wall plate extenders. The challenges of integrating long reach HDMI extension technology into the wall plate form factor can only be met using lower power ASIC-based solutions. The diagram shows an example of room-to-room resource sharing by connecting both sources (game consoles) and sinks (TVs) to the bi-directional HDMI wall plate. With integrated USB-HID connectivity, the AVP2000T also supports the extension of USB devices over IP, such as gaming controller, joysticks, mice and keyboards. 

Figure 1. Room-to-room resource sharing example showing both sources (game consoles) and sinks (TVs) connected to the bidirectional HDMI wall plate.

Inside the Box with AVP2000T: An Elegant AV-over-IP Wall Plate Transceiver Solution

Taking advantage of the full-duplex nature of Ethernet, the AVP2000T Transceiver can be streaming uncompressed quality 4K60 video with multichannel digital over IP networks, while also receiving 4K60 video and audio from the network. With just a handful of essential components, as shown in the diagram, a single HDMI wall plate can support both HDMI input and output connectivity along with USB. Pairing the AVP2000T with a standard SFP+ optical module allows unprecedented reach performance, supporting distances of up to 400m using low cost multimode fiber, or tens of kilometers with single mode fiber. Given the key benefits of size and weight of optical fiber, plus immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI), AV signal distribution in space sensitive or electrically noisy environments is possible without any compromise to signal integrity and visual performance.

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Figure 2. With just a handful of essential components, a single HDMI wall plate with Semtech’s AVP2000T Transceiver can support both HDMI input and output connectivity along with USB.

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