Semtech Expands PerSe® Product Portfolio with Launch  of New Chipset for 5G Mobile Devices

Semtech Expands PerSe® Product Portfolio with Launch of New Chipset for 5G Mobile Devices

Semtech’s purpose-built PerSe Connect SX9376 chipset drastically improves 5G connectivity and maintains compliance for personal connected devices

CAMARILLO, Calif., April 12, 2023 – Semtech Corporation (Nasdaq: SMTC), a high-performance semiconductor, IoT systems, and Cloud connectivity service provider, announces the expansion of its PerSe® product portfolio with the release of a new integrated circuit (IC) purpose-built for 5G mobile devices. Semtech’s PerSe technology senses human proximity and enables end devices such as smartphones to implement advanced radio frequency (RF) control. The PerSe Connect SX9376 enables designers to optimize RF performance, enhance connectivity and support elevated compliance with global specific absorption rate (SAR) standards for 5G-enabled consumer devices. 

Purpose-Built Human Sensing Chips 

Semtech’s PerSe intelligent sensors have led the connected device market for the past decade, delivering always-on and highly responsive consumer experiences. The ability to enable automatic adjustment of system level RF emissions allows connected devices – smartphones, tablets, hotspots, and laptops – to operate at peak performance while maintaining compliance. The industry’s leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) design Semtech’s chips into their devices to deliver unrivaled consumer experiences through superior device performance, battery life, regulatory compliance and user safety.

“As the evolution of the consumer device market continues to accelerate, OEMs will continue to deliver connected devices that take advantage of the best available technologies to deliver the highest levels of performance, connectivity, and battery life that consumers demand,” said David Wong, senior director of consumer sensing products for Semtech’s Advanced Protection and Sensing Products Group. “For ten years and counting, OEMs have been adopting our PerSe technology into their products so that they can be sure their devices deliver the best performance while also maintaining SAR compliance.”

The Global 5G Market Continues to Expand

By 2030, the global 5G market is expected to grow at a 47.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) with a market valuation of USD 198.44 Billion.[1] To bring these 5G-enabled products to market, OEMs must add more RF antennas into the design to address the frequency increase. The additional antennas can make it challenging for OEMs to address global SAR compliance and accurately manage the device’s RF power. Semtech’s SX9376 has a maximum of 8 sensor inputs to support multiple antennas and simplify the sensor design without compromising performance and regulation. Semtech’s new chipset is also compatible with various antenna designs, making it easy to integrate into the latest 5G mobile devices. 

Key benefits of the SX9376 in smartphones: 

  • Semtech PerSe Connect 9376 enables optimization of system RF performance to enhance connectivity and support global SAR compliance 
  • A maximum of eight sensor inputs to support multiple antennas
  • Best-in-class sensing performance with high-resolution analog front end (AFE) down to 0.74aF
  • Extreme versatility to support antenna designs with up to 600 pF capacitance
  • Superior robustness with advanced temperature correction to minimize false triggers caused by noise and temperature​
  • Single-chip, fully integrated solution to support all SAR sensing needs​

Learn more about Semtech’s PerSe portfolio here

About PerSe Smart Sensing Solutions

Semtech’s PerSe Smart Sensing Solutions feature best-in-class sensitivity for optimal human presence detection allowing electronics manufacturers to enhance connectivity while complying with worldwide SAR regulations. The ultra-small, feature-rich sensing solutions control and reduce RF emission power in the presence of a human body, enabling significant performance advantages for manufacturers of electronic devices with radiation sources to meet stringent emission regulations criteria. The sensors are optimized for various battery-powered, portable applications such as smartphones, wearables, tablets, laptops, handheld gaming devices and other consumer electronics.

About Semtech

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