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Semtech Announces Next-Generation ClearEdge® CDR for 300m and 10km SFP28 Modules

ClearEdge CDR with integrated DML driver enables 5G wireless optical modules Read more
Tri-Edge for 200G and 400G Data Centers

Semtech Announces Production of New Tri-Edge™, a PAM4 CDR Platform for 200G and 400G Data Center Applications

Chipset enables lower power, reduced latency and low cost for up to 100 meter multi-mode fiber links Read more

Semtech and Helium Announce New Nationwide LoRaWAN Network

Helium’s new LoRaWAN® compatible network could reach hundreds of millions of LoRa®-based devices with 4,300 gateways nationwide Read more

Semtech’s LoRa® Devices Monitor Equipment Energy Use with Connected Plugs

EasyReach’s “EasyPlug” tracks energy consumption and movement in retail refrigerators, machines to prevent waste, theft and tampering Read more
LoRa Edge

Semtech Releases a New Portfolio of Solutions, LoRa Edge™, to Simplify and Accelerate IoT Applications

First platform of the LoRa Edge portfolio is a geolocation solution revolutionizing IoT devices for asset management; Platform integrates an ultra-low power LoRa® transceiver, GNSS and Wi-Fi scanning technologies; Combining LoRa Edge solutions and Cloud-based geolocation services creates a unique system architecture that offers the best balance between location accuracy and low power consumption Read more
iioote extends leak detection to industrial market

Semtech and iioote Extend LoRa®-based Water Leakage Detection to the Industrial Market

The SenseIoT solution leverages new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to predict and prevent costly water leaks Read more
RClamp Versatile TVS Array

Semtech Expands its RClamp® Platform with a Versatile TVS Array for Safeguarding Industrial and Telecommunications Electronics

RClamp0504FB provides best-in-class transient voltage protection for data circuits in a variety of electronic systems Read more
Yuan Advanced Graphics Card

Semtech’s BlueRiver® AVP Enables Advanced Graphics Card Solutions for Video Wall Applications

YUAN’s SDVoE™-based graphics card delivers UHD video content for video wall and other flexible AV solutions Read more

Semtech’s LoRa® Devices Detect Abnormal Energy Use in Cities

NetOp’s LoRa-based solutions monitor real-time usage trends to create safer, more efficient smart city grids Read more
Asset Tracking Kit

Semtech Releases Reference Kit to Simplify Adoption of LoRa®-based Asset Tracking Solutions

New kit enables quicker set-up times for the more effective evaluation and time-to-market of a broader set of potential asset tracking solutions Read more

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