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LoRa-based Solutions Optimize Health Services in China

Semtech and LoRaWAN Ecosystem Members Deliver LoRa®-based Solutions to Optimize Health Services in China

Smarter Internet of Things (IoT) applications improve quarantine monitoring and reduce the workload of health services workers Read more
Polysense Infrared Temperature Sensor

Semtech’s LoRa® Devices Integrated into Polysense’s Infrared Temperature Sensor

Smart human body sensors enable healthcare workers to identify individuals with a high temperature Read more
BlueRiver for PPI, Cooley

Semtech’s BlueRiver® Technology Creates Smarter Offices with SDVoE™

Presentation Products, Inc.’s BlueRiver-based applications enable interactive meeting room displays, seamless collaboration over video calls and joint whiteboarding sessions Read more

Semtech’s LoRa® Devices Track Pallet Location to Optimize Shipping and Logistics

Pallet Alliance’s IntelliPallet™ platform reduces operating costs with flexible tracking applications Read more

Semtech Releases Its Newest PON-X™ Device for 10G PON Optical Network Units

Device to drive the growth of 10G PON by enabling high performance at a low cost for equipment manufacturers Read more

Semtech Announces the Immediate Availability of FiberEdge™ Driver for 5G Wireless Applications

Linear packaged laser driver delivers exceptional performance over industrial temperature range Read more

Semtech Announces Next-Generation ClearEdge® CDR for 300m and 10km SFP28 Modules

ClearEdge CDR with integrated DML driver enables 5G wireless optical modules Read more
Tri-Edge for 200G and 400G Data Centers

Semtech Announces Production of New Tri-Edge™, a PAM4 CDR Platform for 200G and 400G Data Center Applications

Chipset enables lower power, reduced latency and low cost for up to 100 meter multi-mode fiber links Read more

Semtech and Helium Announce New Nationwide LoRaWAN Network

Helium’s new LoRaWAN® compatible network could reach hundreds of millions of LoRa®-based devices with 4,300 gateways nationwide Read more

Semtech’s LoRa® Devices Monitor Equipment Energy Use with Connected Plugs

EasyReach’s “EasyPlug” tracks energy consumption and movement in retail refrigerators, machines to prevent waste, theft and tampering Read more

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