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LoRa H3C Smart Campus Locks

Semtech and H3C Build Safer Campuses with LoRa®-based Intelligent Door Locks

With access to real-time data, staff efficiently monitor building entry and exits to enhance campus safety Read more
Nesten Nationwide LoRa-based Network

Semtech and Nesten Deploy LoRa®-based Wireless Infrastructure Nationwide

Nesten’s node platform enables end users throughout the U.S. and abroad to build and maintain flexible Internet of Things (IoT) applications Read more
Smart Mimic

Semtech and Smart Mimic Secure Rooms and Belongings with LoRa®-based Consumer Devices

The MimicGO sensor offers instant, portable and secure deployment, while providing real-time status updates on asset location or room tampering Read more
LoRa Devices Track Ultramarathon Runners

Semtech’s LoRa® Devices Monitor Ultramarathon Runners with Long Range Connectivity

Geolocation solution from Everynet to track runners in real time, and pushbutton alerts enable swift response to provide for a safe, successful event Read more
New RClamp Safeguards USB Type-C Interfaces

Semtech Introduces New RClamp® Device for Safeguarding USB Type-C Interfaces

Semtech’s new ultra-low capacitance TVS device offers industry leading ESD protection for high speed data lines Read more
BlueRiver ASIC Enables YUAN's E-sports Camera

Semtech’s BlueRiver® AVP Series Enables Video Camera for eSports and Other Demanding Markets

YUAN’s SDVoE™-based video camera delivers high quality video to multiple destinations Read more
LoRa Vision Metering

Semtech and Vision Deliver Smarter Energy Monitoring with LoRa®-based AMI Solutions

Vision’s smart meters represent an ideal solution for public or cooperative utilities, requiring minimal infrastructure cost and scaling based on need Read more
YoSmart Smart Home

Semtech and YoSmart Create Safer and Smarter Homes with LoRa® Devices

The YoLink product line quickly connects applications including doors, security systems, electrical outlets, and water piping to drive greater home efficiency Read more
LoRa Talkpool Smart Building

Semtech’s LoRa® Devices Conserve Energy and Help Prevent Damage in Real Estate

Talkpool’s LoRa-based solutions monitor more than 1.2 million square meters of real estate, tracking energy use to reduce cost and increase sustainability Read more
LoRa-based Solutions Optimize Health Services in China

Semtech and LoRaWAN Ecosystem Members Deliver LoRa®-based Solutions to Optimize Health Services in China

Smarter Internet of Things (IoT) applications improve quarantine monitoring and reduce the workload of health services workers Read more

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