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LPWAN: trends not to be missed

Now enjoying growing popularity in smart cities and rural areas, sub GHz low-power wide area networks or LPWANs (Low Power Wide Area Networks) are also showing a clear evolution in other areas. From 2.4GHz to satellite networks. Read more

Asset tracking on land and sea

By incorporating IoT-enabled asset management solutions, companies can save time and money as they can more efficiently monitor goods and mitigate against losses or damages. With long-range, low-power technology, companies can easily implement a scalable and easy-to-use IoT solution. Read more
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Integrating Smart Sensors into the Food Supply Chain

Long distances, variable conditions and thousands of moving parts make tracking the supply chain difficult. But with long-range, low-power technology, it’s easy. Read more

LoRaWAN 101: The network for IoT devices

We often talk about LoRa, or Long Range networks, as they relate to IoT devices. More specifically these days, we focus on LoRaWAN. But do you really understand what LoRaWAN is, and more importantly, why it’s important for the IoT? This overview will help you learn both. Read more

Driving satellite IoT networks

Building data collection and control systems in remote areas with no communication infrastructure available has traditionally been a significant challenge. However innovations in a number of areas are now enabling data collection by satellite, connecting wide area low power networks in remote areas to large scale data mining analytic platforms, says Remi Lorrain, LoRaWAN networks director at Semtech. Read more
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IoT-connected sensors bring geolocation services to the supply chain

IoT-connected sensors with cloud-based geolocation capabilities allow organizations to monitor assets over large geographic regions. With this technology in place, retailers can work directly with their manufacturers and logistics partners to mitigate potential delays in the supply chain while managing customer expectations. Read more

Semtech Announces Integration Of LoRa Edge Geolocation Service Into Tencent’s Cloud IoT Explorer

New solution from Tencent Cloud utilizes Semtech’s LoRa Cloud™ for users to connect Internet of Things devices to the Cloud immediately Read more

Semtech, Lacuna Space redouble satellite IoT efforts to extend LoRa to whole planet

California-based chip maker Semtech Corporation has announced a further initiative with Netherlands-based satellite IoT company Lacuna Space to expand terrestrial LoRaWAN connectivity. Read more

Semtech’s Software Upgrade Boosts LoRa Capacity, Performance — and Adds Satellite Communication

Upgrade brings LR-FHSS support, improving the capacity and robustness of LoRa networks — and allowing them to communicate with satellites. Read more

Semtech 2022 Predictions: How the IoT Can Optimize Your Supply Chain In 2022

In 2022, IoT-connected technology could be useful to put the disruptions brought on by 2020’s harsh events behind us. Read more

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