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5G isn’t for everyone: How Alternate IoT Solutions come into play

Complementary IoT solutions are filling the gap here where 5G may be costly, or when deployments simply cannot support its infrastructure. While options for IoT solutions are seemingly endless, it’s important to understand the needs of the deployment, and which solution can deliver. Read more
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Swiss Post Customers Use LoRaWAN for Personal Mail Service

The IoT solution, provided by Miromico and Semtech, includes a wireless scanning device that enables postal customers to request service via an IoT network and receive assistance within a day. Read more

Semtech (SMTC) Expands Presence in IoT Market Via SAS Deal

Semtech Corporation SMTC is leaving no stone unturned to bolster presence in the booming Internet of Things (IoT) market on the back of strategic partnerships and robust LoRa technology. Read more

The future of IoT: Collaborative solutions

As the demand for connectivity continues to grow, so does the reliance on the Internet of Things (IoT). In the manufacturing industry, IoT devices can enable smarter factories, but with so many different options available, an emerging challenge is the lack of interoperability between connectivity platforms. While the goal of leveraging IoT solutions is to make life easier for the end user, and in this case factory workers, having multiple solution offerings inherently makes things more difficult. Read more
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How to Build an Asset Tracking System with Long Range and Low Power

Semtech offers guidance for building an asset tracking system that works for pallets as well as animals and avocados. Read more
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Delivering SATCOM With LoRa®

Low-cost and low-power satellite connectivity technology built directly with smart sensors will kick-start a second IoT revolution. With LoRa®, a device-to-Cloud platform built for applications requiring long range, low power, incorporated into satellites, smart sensors can enable two-way communications to and from satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). LoRa can run on Very High Frequency (VHF) frequencies for uplink and downlink to satellites from the ground. Read more
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How Track-and-Trace Capabilities Solve Food Logistics Challenges

The pandemic triggered an accelerated pace of digital transformation throughout the industry. But, as the pandemic wanes, the need for digitization will continue in order for companies to remain competitive. Read more

How the Internet of Things is Shifting the Digital Age

While the industrial revolution of connectivity is a work in progress, Internet of Things technologies continue to drive progress and changes everywhere. Read more
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Bouygues Construction Matériel connects over 20000 pieces of equipment in real time

Bouygues Construction Matériel, offshoot of one of the biggest global construction groups Bouygues Construction, is implementing an innovative asset tracking solution for Smart Construction, offered by Omniscient, a startup incubated by Bouygues SA. Read more
RFID Journal

How the IoT Can Help to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccines

The Internet of Things and sensor technologies can facilitate a challenging supply chain process. Read more

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