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OMG! Where Are My Assets?

EE Journal's Max Maxfield covers Semtech's latest LoRa Cloud Locator service specifically designed to work with trackers using Semtech’s LoRa Edge LR-series chips with minimal effort. Read more

LoRa Takes on Asset Tracking Through Geolocation Platform

Low-power geolocation platform leverages LoRa cloud service to help users keep tabs on their equipment. Read more

LoRa Cloud Locator service

Semtech has announced its SaaS chip-to-Cloud service, LoRa Cloud Locator, that uses Semtech’s LoRa Cloud Modem & Geolocation services. Read more

Semtech Briefs Elektor on LoRa-Based Solutions at Embedded World 2022

At Embedded World 2022, Randy Ryder of #Semtech introduced Elektor engineer Mathias Claussen to the LoRa Edge ultra-low power platform. Semtech's Karthik Ranjan then told Mathias about a new service called LoRa Cloud Locator. Read more

Technological trends for a smarter and more sustainable planet

Alistair Fulton, Vice President and General Manager of Wireless and Sensing Products Group, Semtech, highlights sustainable technologies and trends for the smart planet and society. Read more

Semtech and WITRAC transform asset tracking for maritime transport utilising LoRaWAN

Semtech Corporation, announced that Boluda Corporación Maritima, a global maritime services provider, will leverage an asset tracking solution from WITRAC, a Valencia-based company offering innovative technology solutions that connect and provide visibility to the value chain. Read more

Long-range, low-power solutions improve remote operations

The future of remote operations in manufacturing opens the opportunity for facilities to improve their operations, leveraging IoT-enabled technologies to improve everything from mobility to worker safety. Read more

Freight Technology Transforms the Supply Chain for Global Growth

Although technology cannot provide a solution for all of the world’s current problems, there are technologies that if leveraged in the right way, can help increase overall global growth. Read more

How to monitor the environment with LPWAN

Optimizing resources is vital to the future of the planet. The combination of global LPWAN sensors, cloud services, AI and machine learning can improve the way in which increasingly scarce resources can be used and conserved. Read more

Semtech Adds Multi-Band Capabilities to the LoRa Edge Platform

Semtech’s LoRa Edge device-to-cloud geolocation platform now features multi-band capabilities, with LoRa Edge LR1120 allowing for direct satellite-connected Internet of Things (IoT) applications for supply chain management and logistics. Read more

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