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Three Misconceptions about 5G

In late 2019, IDC projected the number of 5G connections to grow to 1.01 billion by 2023, representing a compound annual growth rate of 217.2 percent compared to the 2019-2023 forecast period. While it’s still unknown how the pandemic will impact those numbers, one thing is exact: 5G will play a major role in shaping how we interact with and use connected technologies. Read more

Visualize This: The IoT Landscape and a Map for the Future from Semtech

With a plethora of networking options becoming more readily available for the Internet of Things (IoT), selecting the most effective IoT network for a business use case can be strenuous and lead to wasted time and resources. The fragmented IoT landscape consists of a variety of networking technologies. Leading technologies such as LoRa®/LoRaWAN®, NB-IoT, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (BLE), and 5G dominate the industry; however, no single IoT technology has ubiquitous coverage and pertains to all vertical IoT use cases. Read more

Top three trends in smart metering for 2021

The impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic has forced businesses to adopt remote workforces and establish new operations protocols. This year, businesses and cities will alter their operations, and employee and customer interactions to address the impacts of COVID-19. With nearly one-third of the global population secluded to their homes during lockdown, the demand to support traditional and labor intensive utility operations declined while the demand for smart utility applications increased. Read more
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Top trends in IoT sensors

More companies will seek out holistic connected technologies in 2021 Read more

How IoT can help us safely reopen offices

In 2020, the business world shifted from in-person work environments to remote settings. As organizations continue to navigate operations, some are looking to return back to the office and managers need to take into account different factors as they reopen businesses. Read more

LoRa Technology Enables IoT

With the rapid development of the internet of things and digital communication, transmission networks also need to be upgraded. In this regard, LoRa (which stands for long-range), the modulation technique developed by Semtech, is becoming increasingly popular. Read more

Semtech Electronics Industry Predictions

As we look toward the year ahead, IoT shows promise in continuing to enable a more connected world – whether that be in our homes, offices, neighborhoods or cities. Read more
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Scaling the IoT in 2021

The coming year will see dramatic changes in the Internet of Things (IoT). Key technologies are coming together for scalable networks of low-cost sensors that will enable the promise of the IoT. Read more
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Smart Refrigeration Solutions for Restaurant Applications

With technology, restaurants and retailers can rest assured that they are delivering high-quality, fresh food. Read more
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Amazon Web Services Partners with LoRa Companies for IoT

AWS's IoT Core for LoRaWAN includes sensors, gateways and analytics software so companies can launch their own IoT solutions for social distancing, safety monitoring, meter reading, cow herd management and more. Read more

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