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Seeking Smart Water Management Solutions

Remote metering transforms utility asset management. Read more

Soft Modem and Reference Design Simplify LoRa IoT Platform

Semtech recently announced two enabling solutions for its LoRa Edge platform: the LoRa Basics Modem-E and the LoRa Edge Tracker Reference Design. Read more

Les réseaux intelligents placent les objets connectés sur la carte

Avec la technologie LoRaWAN, il est désormais possible de disposer d’une géolocalisation instantanée reposant sur l’infrastructure réseau (et non sur l’objet connecté lui-même) et apte à supporter simultanément tous les terminaux connectés au réseau. Read more

Podcast: Geolocation Solutions: What Should You Consider Before Implementing Geolocation Solutions for Your Supply Chain?

The supply chain industry relies heavily on the ability to monitor and track assets at every step of the journey. Developments in geolocation accuracy and coverage are making that job easier but what does your business need to consider before choosing and implementing a geolocation solution for your needs? Marc Pegulu of Semtech joins us to share his thoughts on what you need to keep track of to keep better track of your supply chain. Read more

Wie LoRaWAN und Sensorik Covid-Ansteckungen verringern können

Bewegungen und Bewegungsmuster lassen sich erfassen und analysieren, um dann Schlüsse daraus zu ziehen. So lässt sich etwa eine Covid-Ausbreitung lokal beschränken. Dazu sind aber spezielle Technologien wie LoRaWAN und Sensorik nötig. Read more

Smart Technology for Critical Healthcare

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been paramount in addressing the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19. The pandemic spread quickly, forcing medical professionals to re-examine their current technology and adjust existing solutions to fit both their and their patients’ evolving needs. Read more

LoRa va jouer un rôle central dans les villes intelligentes plongées dans un monde en mutation

Le besoin de transmission et d'analyse de données dans les environnements urbains actuels, avec la crise sanitaire en cours, favorise l'adoption de la technologie à longue portée LoRa, avec des capteurs basse consommation qui permettent de collecter et de communiquer des données précises en temps réel sur un réseau étendu WAN (Wide Area Network) et robuste. Read more

How Semtech’s CEO Drives Innovation Through Diversity

Semtech, an analog and mixed-signal semiconductor company headquartered in California, has not only survived in 2020, it’s actually thrived. In March, when the pandemic first hit the United States, Semtech President and CEO Mohan Maheswaran guaranteed his employees that there would be no cutbacks, and they would maintain operations at full capacity. Read more

The Four C’s To Helping Employees Embrace Change At Work During COVID

Since March, the pandemic has impacted many aspects of our lives – especially our working lives. 42 percent of the U.S. workforce is now working from home as a result of social distancing measures to proactively help reduce the spread of the virus. Read more

IoT Innovator Bringing New Use Cases and Solutions for the Globe with Alistair Fulton | Ep 119

Semtech's Vice President and General Manager, Alistair Fulton, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast. Read more

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