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How LoRa Enables Life Post-Pandemic | Semtech’s Alistair Fulton

In this episode of the IoT For All Podcast, Semtech Vice President and General Manager of Wireless and Sensing Products Group Alistair Fulton joins us to talk about LoRa. Alistair shares the history of LoRa, how it was developed to support automation in the utilities industry, and how both the technology and needs have evolved over the years, with LoRa becoming a key connectivity technology for a myriad of use cases and applications across a number of industries. He also speaks to the history of the LoRa Alliance, how the group was created and how it benefits the IoT space at large. Read more

Semtech Announces Production Release of Tri-Edge PAM4 CDR Chipset

Semtech Corporation announced full production availability of the GN2538 and GN2539, Semtech’s latest Tri-Edge™ CDR chipset to enable next generation data center interconnectivity over multi-mode fibers. This chipset is the most recent addition to the proven Tri-Edge CDR platform, and the low power and ease of implementation of the GN2538 and GN2539 will allow major data centers to upgrade their intra-data center interconnects and enhance overall performance. Read more

IoT Technology: The Path Forward for the Swiss Post

After completing an evaluation of various network technologies, SwissPost selected Semtech’s LoRa® wireless devices. In addition, Switzerland has deployed a public LoRaWAN® network operated by Swisscom, called LPN, which provides an almost nationwide coverage. Read more

Semtech teams up with Vietnam-based Cloud Energy

Semtech Corporation is teaming up with Vietnam-based startup Cloud Energy to develop and deploy a LoRaWAN-based network for wireless solar power systems to be installed onto rooftops. Read more

Power to the people

One of the key technologies for smart cities is wireless low power wide area networks (LPWAN). This is a key technology for the Internet of Things (IoT) that allows low power sensors to be deployed quickly and easily in smart buildings where data needs to be collected in order to be of assistance to people. Read more

Bringing LoRaWAN global with next generation satellites - Rémi Lorrain, LoRaWAN Networks Director, Semtech

In this episode of IoT One, we discuss technical advances that make it possible to deploy LoRaWAN networks globally using next generation satellites. We also explore the decision criteria for determining when to use a terrestrial LoRaWAN network, a satellite network, or another alternative such as 5G. Our guest today is Rémi Lorrain, Chair of the LoRa Alliance Operator Community and LoRaWAN Networks Director of Semtech. Semtech is a leading supplier of high performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms for infrastructure, high-end consumer and industrial equipment. Read more
Electronic Design

Reimagining the End-to-End Retail Experience with IoT Technology

The combination of intelligent hardware and software systems connected via an IoT network is one way to improve the key areas in which retail giants continue to invest: operational readiness and the shopping experience. Read more

Meeting Economic and Environmental Needs Using the Internet of Things

There is a growing call for companies to take action against climate change. Read more
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Tracking Food Supply from Farm to Table and Everywhere in Between

Deploying smart technology such as long-range, low-power IoT sensors can help mitigate these pressures leading to a more productive and sustainable future. Read more

LoRaWAN Revamps Switzerland’s Postal On-demand Service

Swiss Post digitally transforms Switzerland’s postal services through LoRaWAN technology. Read more

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