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IoT On Orbit Demo Upcoming Via Contract Between NanoAvionics and Lacuna Space

NanoAvionics has signed a contract with Lacuna Space to support the firm's on orbit demonstration of an Internet of Things (IoT) communications network. Read more

Semtech uses LoRa to provide smart water in Spain

Spanish IoT services company IoTsens has integrated Semtech LoRa devices and wireless radio frequency technology into its smart water platform. Read more

Spanish utility to deploy LoRa-enabled smart water meters

In Spain, integrated water management firm FACSA announced that it is set to deploy LoRa-enabled smart water meters in its smart city project, following a successful pilot. Read more

Spain pilots smart water technology

The project, which uses LoRa-based technology, will pave the way for a roll-out of 30,000 water meters Read more

Semtech’s LoRa Technology Expands Presence as Leading Internet of Things (IoT) Platform in China

Alibaba Cloud and Zhejiang Provincial Company of China Unicom deploy LoRa Technology in Hangzhou to expand China’s IoT industry. Read more

Comcast’s MachineQ Unit Gets Down to Business

IoT unit touts wins for its LoRaWAN-powered service Read more

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