Passive optical network (PON) is a high-speed, cost efficient optical communications technology for delivering broadband network access services. PON optical distribution networks use a single fiber to travel the longer distance from a telecom operator’s central exchange optical line terminal (OLT) to a community of broadband users. A splitter is then used to provide multiple fibers that serve an optical networking unit (ONU) box to an individual home or business.

Figure 1. Typical PON network topology

PON systems are typically used for deployment of high-speed fiber to the home (FTTh) broadband services.

PON systems can also be used for small scale optical home/office networks fibre to the room (FTTr) and as a scalable/cost effective copper LAN replacement in larger offices and campus networks passive optical LAN (POL).

Future Services Enabled by PON Networks

  • Ultra-high definition TV and video on demand
  • Online gaming
  • Augmented reality
  • Smart home
  • Smart office
  • Optical LAN

How does Semtech Enable PON Systems?

Semtech supplies ITU and IEEE standards-compliant laser driver/limiting amplifiers (combos) and low noise transimpedance amplifier (TIA) ICs for PON ONUs and OLTs.

Semtech PON OLT Solutions

Highly integrated standards compliant OLT burst mode IC’s for cost and space efficient design of PON OLT modules.

MAC SerDes OLT Combo IC CDR BOSA BM TIA APD Laser7 Burst Mode Limiting Amplifier (LA) Laser Driver (LD) WDM
MAC ONU Combo IC BOSA Fibre Laser APD Limiting Amplifier (LA) Burst Mode Laser Driver (LD) TIA WDM


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