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Semtech adds to Tri-Edge portfolio

Semtech is sampling additions to its Tri-Edge clock and data recovery (CDR) transmitter ICs for data centre long reach (LR) optical links. Read more

Laser Technology: Focusing On Improved Data Transport

For efficiently moving data across data centers and networks, laser technology is key. Antony Savvas looks at the latest developments in a growing market, fueled by newer use cases in transport, health, defense, manufacturing and other sectors. Savvas refers to Semtech's Tri-Edge portfolio in his piece about laser technology for data centers with further commentary with Raza Khan, senior market manager, wireless products for Semtech's Signal Integrity Group. Read more

Silicon Photonics: Leading Light In Years Ahead?

Today silicon photonics (SiPho) is looking like a technology whose bigtime has finally arrived, and whose potential in terms of future performance metrics and application areas is huge, writes John Williamson. Optical Connections Magazine Spring 2022 issue features Semtech's Vice President of its Signal Integrity Group, Timothy Vang's thoughts on the cost considerations for silicon photonics in data centers and 5G networking. Read more

How Optical Networks Are Enabling the 5G Advantage

Advanced optical components and encoding techniques are enabling 5G networks to achieve a tenfold speed boost over 4G technology. Hank Hogan of speaks with Raza Khan, senior market manager for the Signal Integrity Products Group at Semtech. Read more

Growth Spurred By Negatives

Unexpected upside driving the semiconductor and EDA industries into 2022. Semtech's Timothy Vang, vice president, marketing and applications for the Signal Integrity Product Group and Sree Durbha, director, product management for Wireless and Sensing Products Group share their predictions. Read more

Inspired by People and Technology to Build Innovative Wireless Solutions with 5G with Executive Raza Khan | Ep 435

Semtech's Sr. Market Manager, Raza Khan, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast. He shares his inspirational joyride in life by having the opportunity to be around great people. All while developing optical technology that is innovative helping connect the infrastructure of the 5G and beyond. Read more

Four Technology Trends to Watch in 2022

Predicting the future is challenging and risky. Because of enormous changes in technology and endless hurdles to innovation, anticipating the future in the computing business is even more complex and risky. Senior Market Manager at Semtech’s Signal Integrity Products Group, Raza Khan, shares his tech predictions for 2022. Read more

Big Data Industry Predictions for 2022

Welcome to insideBIGDATA’s annual technology predictions round-up! The big data industry has significant inertia moving into 2022. In order to give our valued readers a pulse on important new trends leading into next year, we here at insideBIGDATA heard from all our friends across the vendor ecosystem to get their insights, reflections and predictions for what may be coming. Timothy Vang, vice president marketing and applications for Semtech's Signal Integrity Group shares his predictions in 2022. Read more

Tri-Edge technology: Q&A with Semtech

Brought on by the convergence of the Cloud and the Internet of Things, hyperscale data centers and wireless operators are pushing towards 200G and 400G. Key to this transition are optical modules, which is where Semtech’s Tri-Edge technology plays a core role. With increasing bandwidth demands, optical modules must evolve alongside data center equipment to deliver greater density, lower power consumption, and lower latency. Read more

Semtech Announces Production Release of Tri-Edge PAM4 CDR Chipset

Semtech Corporation announced full production availability of the GN2538 and GN2539, Semtech’s latest Tri-Edge™ CDR chipset to enable next generation data center interconnectivity over multi-mode fibers. This chipset is the most recent addition to the proven Tri-Edge CDR platform, and the low power and ease of implementation of the GN2538 and GN2539 will allow major data centers to upgrade their intra-data center interconnects and enhance overall performance. Read more

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