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PAM4 chips for 800G active cables

Semtech has launched the first in a family of PAM4 devices for 800G active copper cables in data centres. Read more

Cable equalizers target 112G PAM4 400G and 800G data center applications

The CopperEdge GN8112 is a quad channel 112 Gbps PAM4 linear equalizer and is the first product sampling in the portfolio. Read more

EDACafe Interview: Raza Khan, Senior Marketing Manager, Semtech

EDACafe speaks with Raza Khan, Senior Marketing Manager, Semtech highlighting Tri-Edge’s technology, as well as how optical technology as a whole will play a key role for 5G and 6G as those are rolled out. Read more

A Q&A with Semtech’s Raza Khan

The company recently announced production of its GN2255 Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) solution for 5G wireless optical modules, and we spoke more about this and the future of connectivity with Raza Khan, senior wireless market manager for Semtech’s Signal Integrity Products Group. Read more

How PAM4 moves bits through networks

In an audio interview, Semtech’s Raza Khan explains why 5G networks use the four-level modulation to transport baseband data, starting at the radio. Read more

VCSELs: From telecom to the metaverse

Learn how Semtech's Tri-Edge platform is becoming more and more relevant to the latest generation of VCSEL chips have evolved from their origin in telecom and datacom to use in advanced 3D sensing applications, such as facial recognition, automotive LiDAR, and the metaverse. Read more

Raza Khan - Semtech - Reducing Power, Latency & Costs For The World’s Hyperscale Wireless Future

Raza Khan is an Engineer and Senior Market Manager for Wireless Products in Semtech’s Signal Integrity Products Group, and has over 15 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. In his current role, he oversees the strategy, product line development and market development for integrated circuit (IC) solutions for optical transport needs within the wireless market. This includes the Tri-Edge™ 50G PAM4 product portfolio and ClearEdge® 25G product portfolio for the emerging 5G wireless market, as well as the FiberEdge® 10G product portfolio for the 4G wireless market. Read more

The Role of Edge Computing in the Modern Data Center

As we see the trend of edge computing rise across industries, one of the most important uses for it is in data centers. Incorporating edge computing enables more autonomously run data centers, and a low latency network is critical in environments that strive to maximize compute throughput and reduce server idle time. Timothy Vang, Vice President of Marketing and Applications at Semtech, answers some questions about the intricacies of edge computing and the important role it plays in the modern data center to meet the current bandwidth and speed demands. Read more

OFC Live Returns

The Optical Fiber Communication conference presented a hybrid virtual and in-person event packed with the next generation of optical networking technologies and the connectivity solutions needed to support them including Semtech. Read more

Semtech Announces Production of 5G Front Haul Tri-Edge™ CDR IC Solution

Semtech Corporation, a supplier of high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms, announced March 2022 production of its Tri-Edge™ clock and data recovery (CDR) with an integrated DML driver to enable emerging 50Gbps PAM4 5G front haul deployments, the GN2255. Read more

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