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Trending IoT Products in 2021: October Edition

A list compiled by everything RF of trending Internet of Things (IoT) products showcases the increasing capabilities of these IoT solutions, including LoRa Baseband Processor Chip from Semtech. Read more

Cutting Costs and Maximizing Efficiency with IoT

Today’s remote world has turned dreams of true smart home automation into a reality. With the onset of COVID-19, everyday homes and buildings took on new roles – from workplaces and schools to the doctor’s office and gym. As restrictions lift, some workers will return to their office buildings, while others will remain at home. The common denominator between both is the importance of connectivity and technology to support a number of applications. Read more

Embedded Executive: Remi Lorrain, LoRaWAN Network Director, Semtech

LoRaWAN wants to invade your home. Its backers think that it’s perfect for many smart home applications. However, don’t we already have one — or two or three —wireless networks that are “perfect” for the home, namely Bluetooth and WiFi? That’s how the conversation started with Remi Lorrain, Semtech’s LoRaWAN Network Director, in this week’s Embedded Executives podcast. Read more

Making Connectivity Accessible for All with LoRa and LoRaWAN

Understand how LoRa and LoRaWAN connectivity can create a safer, more sustainable, and comfortable planet for organizations and end-users. Read more

Have an Echo device? Amazon may help itself to your Wi-Fi

On Tuesday, Amazon launched a program that forces users of many Echo smart speakers and Ring security cameras to automatically share a small portion of their home wireless bandwidth with neighbors. The only way to stop it is to turn it off yourself. Read more

Smart Homes Experience Rise in Long-Range, Low-Power Technology

From home automation to smart kitchen appliances, voice assistant-enabled lighting and everything in between, consumer electronics companies are leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect everyday devices to the cloud, creating new experiences for consumers. Read more

The Key to Smarter, More Connected Neighborhoods

Covid-19 has forced many people to embrace working from home, and that trend is likely here to stay. According to a recent survey from The National Association for Business Economics, only about 1 in 10 companies expect all employees to return to their pre-pandemic work arrangements (NBC News). With more employees working from home, there’s also been an increased demand for smart and user-friendly home technology. Emerging as an optimal technology of choice are low-power wide-area networks (LPWANs), thanks to the flexibility and control they deliver as well as their ability to play nicely with other solutions, like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Read more

Semtech Electronics Industry Predictions

As we look toward the year ahead, IoT shows promise in continuing to enable a more connected world – whether that be in our homes, offices, neighborhoods or cities. Read more

Simplicity is the key to smart neighbourhoods

Alistair Fulton, vice-president and general manager of Semtech's Wireless and Sensing Products Group, discusses the need for simplicity when powering smart neighbourhoods from 2021 Read more
Automated Buildings

How will Amazon Sidewalk impact the smart home market?

Amazon Sidewalk is bringing long range, low power to Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for smart home devices. With support from long range, low-bandwidth connectivity, consumers have the capabilities to extend the range of their home networks to connect both outdoor and indoor products, including smart lights, security systems, pet trackers, sensors for asset tracking, and a multitude of additional low cost devices needed for smart homes and smart communities. Read more

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