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LoRaWAN 101: The network for IoT devices

We often talk about LoRa, or Long Range networks, as they relate to IoT devices. More specifically these days, we focus on LoRaWAN. But do you really understand what LoRaWAN is, and more importantly, why it’s important for the IoT? This overview will help you learn both. Read more

The Future of Smart Homes – Connected, Complementary, Conscious

The future of smart homes is bright and low-power, long-range, cost-effective IoT-powered devices are bringing us closer to this reality. Read more

Amazon tests new wireless bridge to extend range of Sidewalk network by up to 5 miles or more

Called the “Amazon Sidewalk Bridge Pro by Ring,” the device signals the company’s ambitions to expand the Sidewalk network beyond residential neighborhoods to connect sensors and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices in business settings, college campuses and remote locations. Read more

Amazon wants to take Sidewalk beyond the neighborhood

The new Amazon Sidewalk Bridge Pro could expand the IoT network, hich uses LoRa and LoRaWAN, to city parks, universities, and commercial spaces. Read more

Amazon Sidewalk expands beyond homes to build a commercial Internet of Things

A new, dedicated Sidewalk bridge will bring farms, factories and other nonresidential zones online with Amazon's long-range, low-power IoT network that uses Bluetooth and LoRa radios, which are built into Echo and Ring devices, to connect devices with Amazon's cloud when they're beyond the reach of traditional home networks. Read more


Semtech Corporation announced its collaboration with Elvexys, designer of innovative and robust solutions for data management, engineering of energy transport and distribution networks in Europe, and Oiken, a Swiss distributor of electricity serving 90,000 end customers, for an Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled sensor. Read more

How LoRaWAN helps utilities expand their businesses with IoT applications for smart cities

This article explores how LoRaWAN helps utilities companies to expand using IoT applications for smart cities Read more

Utilities get connected for smarter water management

In many areas of water treatment and distribution, Semtech’s LoRa® technology is proving an effective way of obtaining data for smarter water management. Read more
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Smart Building Designs Spur Demand for IoT Solutions

Technologies for Smart Buildings are in great demand, as the market surges in this segment. Vendors are responding with products and solutions designed to make buildings more intelligent, more secure and more connected. Read more

Driving Intelligent Energy with IoT-Connected Solutions

Semtech Marketing Director of LoRa Ecosystem, Rémi Demerlé and Oxit Director of Operations, Ashley Pope delineate how intelligent energy consumption goes hand in hand with IoT solutions for smart utilities. Read more

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