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Life at Semtech

At Semtech, we are driven by the satisfaction of discovering solutions to complex design challenges, providing superior quality and support, and enabling disruptive technology innovations in today’s fastest growing and most exciting markets.

Behind our transformational technology is an impressive team of dynamic and highly-qualified professionals who bring diverse perspectives from their different cultures, backgrounds and qualifications, and who exemplify our principles and Core Values. Our culture is rooted in teamwork, respect and communication, which fosters a revolutionary workplace full of passion and vision.


With 29 offices in 13 different countries, Semtech employs a diverse team of brilliant thinkers, innovators and creators. Our company values exceptional effort and multidisciplinary collaboration, which is why we provide state-of-the-art IT systems and platforms to connect employees and enable global collaboration. The Company has made substantial investments in enterprise software solutions to streamline business and sales operations, allowing our employees to deliver remarkable ideas and products to drive the future of technology.

Employee Safety

Semtech is committed to environmental protection, as well as health and safety protection for its employees, customers, neighbors, and others who may be affected by our products or activities. Although this commitment is based on compliance with the law, it goes well beyond that foundation. We strive to make the communities in which we work cleaner, safer places to live.

Labor Rights 

Semtech is diligent in monitoring and addressing any issues that may negatively affect the human or labor rights of our employees. This includes issues such as working hours, non-discrimination, prevention of forced labor, fair wages, minimum age requirements, etc. One of Semtech’s Core Values is to treat all individuals with dignity and respect. That’s why we have provided an anonymous Employee Hotline available to all employees to report any concerns they may have - confidentially. This third-party provider, Ethicspoint, is available not only to enhance communication and empower employees to promote safety, security and ethical behavior, but also to provide clarification of policies and procedures when needed.

Semtech is a Global company with people and offices located around the world. As such, we take our responsibility to protect those that may work for us in other parts of the world, either directly or through suppliers, very seriously. Semtech’s Statement Against Human Trafficking and Slavery outlines our commitment to address and mitigate the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking in our operations and throughout our supply chain.

Employee Development & Engagement

Semtech participates in markets that many times demand employees have special skills that can prove challenging to find and retain.  Therefore, the Company invests in its employees’ success by providing them the resources they need to enhance their skills and achieve their professional goals. By investing in training and resources for our employees, Semtech has created an environment that fosters continual education and lifelong learning. In doing so, it helps our employees achieve their goals while helping expand the needed skills by growing internally.  Employees at all levels, from entry-level to management have access to numerous resources, including:

  • Technical Ladders - Helping employees drive their future and reach the next level of their preferred career path.

  • Measurable Goals and Annual Reviews - Performance reviews that allow employees to regularly benchmark their progress.

  • Semtech University - Our learning management system, where employees have access to online learning curriculums and classes.

  • Leadership Development - A training program is offered worldwide to empower leadership throughout our organization.

Diversity & Inclusion

Semtech’s culturally and geographically diverse team structure has cultivated and nurtured an exceptionally innovative environment. From our interns to our executives, Semtech recognizes inclusion as an essential part of our success, and actively supports initiatives to increase the number of women and minorities in high tech.

Semtech strongly believes that it is the varying backgrounds and educational experiences of our people that allow us to broadly approach technical challenges and discover solutions. This is one of the many reasons we are committed to providing a positive work environment which supports integrity, respect, responsibility, and citizenship for all of our employees.

Semtech’s CEO has been awarded the Multicultural Leadership Award from the National Diversity Council for his excellence in diversity leadership two times in 2016 and 2018.