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LoRa Technology Is Connecting Our Smart Planet

A multitude of IoT vertical applications and worldwide deployments.

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The open ecosystem approach for LoRaWAN creates flexibility for service providers and enables a variety of business models to flourish. LoRa Alliance members are already delivering LoRaWAN-based IoT services for a wide range of segments.
Ecosystem Application and Benefits (published by Mobile World Live)
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A scalable and low cost IoT solution can be the foundation for improving supply chain and logistics management. LoRa-based devices offer the flexibility that companies and organizations need.
How LoRa Technology Makes Supply Chains and Asset Management Smarter
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machineQ™ and Semtech summarize that a full-scale LoRa deployment can handle more than the expected number of packets/day in a dense network environment.
LoRaWAN™ Capacity Trial in Dense Urban Environment
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Comcast's machineQ™ is a Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) for the LPWAN market built specifically for IoT, offering many advantages and benefits for IoT applications.
LoRaWAN™ Sensor Design Conversion Guide
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A network of 10,000 electricity meters equipped with LoRa was rolled out in Germany to reduce costs and improve utility processes.
Network Capacity
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By leveraging LoRa Technology and LoRaWAN, farmers can deploy a low-cost IoT solution to maximize crop growth, efficiency and profits.
Revolutionizing Smart Agriculture
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Commercial real estate (CRE) is shifting to a software and services business. The availability of Cloud-based analytics, reporting and services enable a dramatic change of thinking for CRE owners and property managers.
Smart Buildings Transformed
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As cities move toward increased efficiency, Smart City technologies can provide new solutions for smarter and improved city services. Low cost IoT networks are the cornerstone of a Smart City program.
Smart Cities Transformed
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