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Smart Metering

Traditional metering operations are labor intensive and utilize subjective measurement by field personnel. Additionally, meters are often located in dense urban environments, indoors or even underground, which can be difficult or impossible to reach by many wireless technologies. By implementing a smart metering infrastructure comprised of sensors and gateways embedded with LoRa Technology, utility companies can collect data remotely and use personnel more efficiently to streamline operations. Over 30 million units of LoRa®-based smart meters are currently deployed around the globe. 

Real-World Deployments

See how LoRa Technology has enabled business efficiencies in these real-world smart metering deployments.

Real-Time Water Metering

Hanbit’s LoRa-based smart meters transfer real-time consumption, status and diagnostic data from water systems to a central database for billing and analysis, decreasing maintenance costs.

Smart Water & Gas Management

Suntront’s smart utility solutions automate gas and water management, sharing the data through a Cloud-based application, resulting in minimized costs and increased efficiency.

Urban Smart Grid

Lowan’s smart city solutions leverage LoRa technology to increase energy efficiency with smart metering solutions in large urban areas.

Public Utility Regulation

Kiwi Technology collaborated with Precise Digital Economy, Thailand’s largest electricity facilities group, to develop a network of LoRa-based sensors to regulate public utilities including electricity.

Smart Water Metering

IoTsens’ smart water metering platform uses LoRa Technology to quickly detect leaks, breakdowns and manipulation of the water supply network in real-time, preventing outages and expensive repairs.

Transformer Monitoring Devices

KernelSphere Technologies and Jamshedpur Utility Services Company collaborated to install LoRa-enabled transformer monitoring devices in order to monitor conditions online to prevent outages that result in loss of services.

Gas Level Monitoring

Butano24 utilizes LoRa Technology in its gas level measurement application to intelligently monitor tank levels and automatically request refills.

Automated Gas Meters

Korean gas supplier SK E&S utilizes LoRa-based sensors to relay gas usage information from homes to a central office, reducing labor and optimizing business intelligence.

Application Briefs

Learn more about specific applications of LoRa Technology in smart metering.

Water is a scarce resource and its conservation is important. Water leakage and meter reading represent the two biggest operational costs for water utilities. With LoRa Technology, utility companies can reduce their operational costs.
Water Flow Monitoring
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Transforming a conventional storage bottle or tank into a smart device, LoRa-enabled sensors can detect the bottle’s state of fill.
Wireless Gas Level Monitoring
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White Papers

Download white papers for exclusive content offering more thorough technical analyses of smart metering applications. Find all LoRa white papers here >>

A network of 10,000 electricity meters equipped with LoRa was rolled out in Germany to reduce costs and improve utility processes.
Network Capacity
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Other Semtech Solutions for Smart Metering

In addition to the low power wide area network solutions enabled by LoRa Technology, Semtech offers a wide portfolio of IC chipsets for electronics in smart metering.