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Smart Home E-book
Business Case Overview
Learn how LoRa devices are being utilized to create efficient and sustainable homes that reduce homeowner expenses
Smart Ag E-book
LoRa® Devices: Real World Solutions
Learn how LoRa devices are being leveraged to create innovative applications that solve today’s agricultural challenges
LoRaWAN® Network
Over 745 U.S. Cities in Major Markets
Helium Hotspots now LoRaWAN-enabled
LoRa® Developer Kit
Asset Tracking Reference Kit
Accelerate the adoption of asset tracking solutions based on LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN® protocol

What is LoRa®?

LoRa Technology is the DNA of IoT, connecting sensors to the Cloud and enabling real-time communication of data and analytics that can be utilized to enhance efficiency and productivity.

LoRaWAN fills the technology gap of cellular and Wi-Fi/BLE based networks that require either high bandwidth or high power, or have a limited range or inability to penetrate deep indoor environments. In effect, LoRa Technology is flexible for rural or ind

Why LoRa?

Semtech's LoRa devices and the open LoRaWAN® protocol offers an efficient, flexible and economical solution to real-world problems in rural and indoor use cases, where cellular and Wi-Fi/BLE based networks are ineffective. Learn why LoRaWAN is becoming the de facto standard of low power wide area networks (LPWAN).

LoRa Applications overview

Transforming Businesses

Looking to connect your business to the Cloud? LoRa Technology is the de facto choice for LPWAN connectivity for long range, low power Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, enabling countless use cases in a number of key markets including smart cities, buildings, agriculture, metering, logistics and supply chain, and industrial control. Learn how LoRa and LoRaWAN can benefit your business.

A Diverse & Growing Ecosystem

Helium is building the world’s first peer-to-peer wireless network to simplify connecting devices to the Internet by rewarding anyone to become a network operator.
Sensor Maker
NSOFT is a leading provider of automation and smart metering/Automatic Metering Infrastructure solutions for distribution utilities.
Wilhelmsen is a global maritime industry group and a market leader operating a global 2.4GHz LoRa-based IoT network to deliver a solutions at land and sea.

LoRa By the Numbers

LoRa-based gateways deployed worldwide
>180 million
LoRa-based end-nodes to be deployed worldwide on private and public networks by the end of 2020
Network operators in more than 92 countries
of all LPWANs are predicted to run on LoRa by 2023 (IHS MarketInsider, May 2019)
LoRa products


Semtech’s LoRa platform is the ultimate solution for eliminating repeaters, reducing cost, extending battery life, and improving network capacity.

LoRa resources getting started


From videos and white papers to an online developer forum, find a wide range of resources to learn more about LoRa, or help bring your LoRa-based solutions to life.