Unfortunately, no. The LoRa Basics® Modem-E is a modem based on the LoRaWAN® protocol and is certified to run on LR1110.

The Cloud solver is an integral part of the LoRa Edge platform for computing a position fix using GNSS and for acquiring a Wi-Fi based location fix using triangulation of static MAC addresses. Key advantages of using Semtech’s end-to-end LoRa Cloud solution include:

  • Simplified means of joining a device to the network with the LoRa Cloud Device Join service
  • Easy device management with the LoRa Cloud Modem Services

Actility and The Things Network offer a network server. Semtech offers a Cloud server for geolocation services as well as a suite of the Device & Application Services. The network server is connected to the Cloud on the back end. We are not replacing it.

Yes, it is open and fully documented in the LoRa Cloud.