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Benefits of the LoRaWAN Ecosystem and LoRa Cloud

Location based asset management solutions are crucial for helping businesses worldwide to efficiently maximize usage of their assets and increase operational efficiency. However, many of the legacy asset tracking solutions aren’t well suited to IoT applications due to their very short battery life resulting in operational overhead to constantly charge or replace the batteries. Semtech invites you to learn about LoRa Edge™, consisting of the LR1110 chip, which harnesses the power of LoRa Cloud™ to deliver a highly power efficient asset tracking solution. By integrating a multi-GNSS scanner, Wi-Fi passive scanner, ultra-low power LoRa® transceiver, and a crypto engine to store security keys, the LR1110 eliminates external “glue logic” dramatically reducing cost and design complexity. Utilizing Semtech’s LoRa Cloud geolocation capabilities, the solution significantly reduces power consumption by determining asset location in a Cloud-based solver. This solution, which can be used on any IoT network, is optimized for use on LoRaWAN® networks. The LoRaWAN ecosystem simplifies the uphill task of technology integration from multiple vendors, easing standardization and interoperability, so that devices from multiple vendors can communicate easily. Learn more on our website: