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SAR sensor hones RF control in smartphones

Semtech’s SX9376 specific absorption rate (SAR) sensor optimizes RF control while maintaining compliance with global SAR standards for 5G-enabled consumer devices. Read more
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Semtech Unveils Chip That Eases 5G Mobile Device Compliance

A new IC from Semtech hopes to improve 5G device performance in the face of Specific Absorption Rate compliance. Read more

Ensuring SAR compliance in connected consumer devices

Intelligent proximity sensors enable users of laptops and tablets to provide optimal connectivity and long battery life, but they must meet SAR compliance. Read more

Ensuring SAR Compliance With Smart Proximity Sensors In 5G Devices

Smart proximity sensors improve RF performance and throughput in smartphones, tablets and laptops, while maintaining global compliance in these devices. Smart sensors monitor human presence and enable active RF power management when a user is in close range. Read more

The Future of Wearables and Smart Sensors

The impact of smart sensors will continue to transform the way humans interact with their environments in a variety of markets. By automatically sensing human presence and reacting with a smart response, proximity sensors make life easier and a lot more enjoyable. Read more

Designing in “compliant” RF levels

New ICs sense human proximity to keep the RF output of consumer devices within regulated levels. Read more
RFID Journal

How to Manage RF Performance, Connectivity and Compliance in Connected Devices

Smart sensors can ensure that every device in your home is connected, compliant and top-performing. Semtech's David Wong further elaborates for RFID Journal. Read more

Top Three Smartphone Features Enabled by Smart Sensors

Semtech's David Wong speaks to the value of smart sensors for smartphones for improved connectivity, smarter gesture control and for SAR compliance. Read more

Balancing Consumer Demands with Regulatory Compliance in Connected Devices

How many of you checked your smartphone before reading this article? According to, more than 80% of the world’s population own a smartphone—so I’d guess you snuck a peek at any incoming messages. Additionally, how many of you are tracking your steps on a wearable? With the recent uptick in consumer demand for fitness trackers and health-based wearables, the market is expected to reach 344.9 million shipments worldwide this year. If you don’t have a wearable device yet, you’ll likely own one soon. Semtech's David Wong, s. director of consumer sensing products, speaks to why the PerSe product line of sensors can help balance consumer demands with regulatory compliance. Read more
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Smart Sensors Ensure Connectivity and Safety Compliance

Today’s global society relies heavily on technology and the access it delivers. Whether for personal consumption or for work, wearable and wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops are used daily. Therefore, it is imperative that devices provide robust connectivity while maintaining safety compliance. Read more

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