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Superfast 5G Gadgets Are Off to a Slow Start

Despite their huge potential, 5G-enabled internet-of-things devices aren’t ubiquitous yet Read more

15 Practical and Effective Ways to Make Employees Feel Valued

To keep your top employees around, it's important to show them how much you value their contributions and talents. Read more
IMC IoT M2M Council

How significant is Semtech’s takeover of Sierra Wireless?

Steve Rogerson asks Semtech senior vice president Alistair Fulton why his company wants to buy Sierra Wireless. Read more

Semtech acquires Sierra Wireless for $1.2bn: Fulton tells IoT Now why and what’s next

California-based Semtech, a global supplier of high-performance chips and algorithms for infrastructure and industrial equipment, is to acquire Canada’s Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider Sierra Wireless. In the latest QuickFire Video, IoT Now’s Jeremy Cowan talks to Semtech’s general manager for IoT, Wireless and Sensing businesses, about the reasons for the deal, the timing, the market impact, and what’s planned for the new expanded business. Read more

Can Semtech’s Acquisition of Sierra Wireless Change Offerings in IoT Space?

US-based semiconductor manufacturer and LoRa pioneer Semtech announced a $1.2-billion deal on Wednesday to acquire Canada-based cellular IoT module and device supplier Sierra Wireless. Read more

Chipmaker Semtech acquires IoT specialist Sierra Wireless for $1.2B

Chipmaker Semtech Corp. on Tuesday announced plans to acquire Sierra Wireless Inc., a developer of networking technology for connected devices. Read more

Semtech Corporation kauft Sierra Wireless

Für 31 US-Dollar pro Stammaktie übernimmt IoT-Chipentwickler Semtech Corporation den kanadischen IoT-Mobilfunkspezialisten Sierra Wireless. Der Zusammenschluss soll die Vorteile von LoRa mit den höheren Bandbreiten des Mobilfunks verbinden. Read more


“We believe the next era of technology growth is the full digitization of our industrial world – the Internet of Everything,” said Semtech’s CEO Mohan Maheswaran. Read more

How to Proactively Leverage Up-and-Coming Customer Behavior Trends

Keeping a close eye on customer behavior can help businesses stay on top of changing trends. Semtech's Alistair Fulton shares his tip to proactively leverage customer behavior trends. Read more

16 Leaders Share Business Challenges That Can Double as Teachable Moments

Each and every challenge brings with it the opportunity to learn and grow as an entrepreneur. Semtech's Alistair Fulton speaks to his tip to engage your employees. Read more

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