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How LoRa Enables Life Post-Pandemic | Semtech’s Alistair Fulton

In this episode of the IoT For All Podcast, Semtech Vice President and General Manager of Wireless and Sensing Products Group Alistair Fulton joins us to talk about LoRa. Alistair shares the history of LoRa, how it was developed to support automation in the utilities industry, and how both the technology and needs have evolved over the years, with LoRa becoming a key connectivity technology for a myriad of use cases and applications across a number of industries. He also speaks to the history of the LoRa Alliance, how the group was created and how it benefits the IoT space at large. Read more

Meeting Economic and Environmental Needs Using the Internet of Things

There is a growing call for companies to take action against climate change. Read more

Preventing Flood Damage with IoT Sensors

Floodwaters can rise quickly and with little warning, resulting in chaotic and dangerous situations for citizens and emergency response teams. With IoT solutions, response teams have real-time data and insight to detect potential flooding concerns to minimize risk to life, property, and business. Given the frequency and severity of floods, technology companies need to find ways to leverage the IoT to better prepare for and react to these incidents. Read more

Making Connectivity Accessible for All with LoRa and LoRaWAN

Understand how LoRa and LoRaWAN connectivity can create a safer, more sustainable, and comfortable planet for organizations and end-users. Read more
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How Internet of Things Solutions Can Better the Environment

While IoT technology is serving the purpose of connectivity, its impact is far greater. The IoT is enabling connections in areas where access is limited, protecting wildlife, helping employees return to work, managing water waste and far more. IoT solutions leveraging long-range, low-power technology are scalable and easy to implement. But perhaps more importantly, they are filling the technology gap of cellular and Wi-Fi- or BLE-based networks that require either high bandwidth or high power, or that have a limited range or an inability to penetrate certain environments. Marc Pegulu of Semtech explains. Read more
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Semtech and SAS match IoT analytics with LoRaWAN edge-to-cloud

Semtech and SAS announced a collaboration on Wednesday to expand the use of data analytics for industrial automation, asset tracking, agriculture and environmental management. Their combined technologies are set to address an ambitious set of goals: flood prevention, livestock wellness and precision agriculture for global food production and better energy forecasting to lower risk and to maximize grid efficiency. Read more
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How Track-and-Trace Capabilities Solve Food Logistics Challenges

The pandemic triggered an accelerated pace of digital transformation throughout the industry. But, as the pandemic wanes, the need for digitization will continue in order for companies to remain competitive. Read more

Taking a Stand on Earth Day with IoT Technology

With an end to the pandemic in sight, and a resumption of everyday activities on the horizon, an emphasized importance on environmental awareness and the health of individuals is critical. From air-quality monitoring to water consumption, IoT solutions continue to play an essential role in helping to protect our planet and even citizens from environmental dangers that could come our way, especially if action is not taken. Read more

GPS collars for lions and cheetahs: How IoT and open source are protecting rare animals

The next generation of IoT technology allows near real-time tracking of keystone species in protected areas, with flexible configuration options and long battery life. Read more

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