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5G vs LoRa: Inside the City of Calgary

In 2016, the City of Calgary became one of the most innovative cities in Canada. For 20 years, Calgary worked to build a strong infrastructure with internal city business units, civic partners, educational institutions and the broader industry. Calgary was the first city in North America to deploy LoRaWAN-based networks. Read more
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Smart cities transformed using LoRa technology

Smart city technologies provide new solutions for smarter and improved city services. A scalable and low cost IoT network is the cornerstone of a Smart City program, and LoRa-based devices and the LoRaWAN specification provide high-capacity, low power networks that form the basis of smart city solutions. Read more
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IoT in action: A look at smart city Calgary

The IoT ecosystem continues to grow with homes, buildings and stadiums, for example, having many connectivity points for several different products and implementations. This has opened up the door for several different connectivity systems for enterprises and organizations — and many of those not meeting the needs of the intended implementations. The system cities choose to use for communication is crucial to the long-term affordability of an IoT system. Read more
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Taking a Lead

The setting up of the new Future Networks Lab looks to support and enable the adoption of IoT, LPWAN and 5G technologies. Read more
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Q&A: How Calgary is using next-gen connectivity for water conservation, noise control, and more

Calgary's LoRaWAN network is powered by Semtech’s LoRa technology, providing an efficient, flexible, and economical solution for Calgary to take advantage of data from connected sensors for the benefit of its citizens. Read more
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Semtech sponsors Catapult Lab

Semtech is sponsoring Digital Catapult’s Future Networks Innovation Lab, which opened in London, earlier this week. Read more

Tata Communications’ Countrywide Internet of Things Will Manage the Chaos in India’s Booming Cities

The new network aims to improve traffic, manufacturing, health care, and more. Read more
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How LoRa technology is making cities smarter

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a game changer for people and enterprises as myriads of physical devices, vehicles, and other items actively transmit volumes of data. IoT is becoming widespread as the world begins to embrace the big data revolution and a new utility of information for modern enterprise. Read more
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American Tower Targets Two Million Brazilian LoRaWAN Connections in 2019

American Tower’s LoRaWAN network in Brazil has passed 400,000 connected devices. The company has set target two million or more by the end of 2019, deployed for a range of IoT applications. Read more
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Transforming efficiency with LoRa technology

When a radical technology enters the market, designers look at how it can transform the world. For LoRa devices and wireless radio frequency technology (LoRa Technology), this has meant that its long range and low power consumption can significantly simplify network design by enabling greater reach with less infrastructure and cost. Read more

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