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EP 116 - Designing impact and simplicity into Smart Town - Richard Lansdowne, Senior Director of business development, Semtech

In this episode, we discuss a smart city initiative by the town of Cary, SAS and Semtech to improve community services and environmental monitoring for the town. We also explore the process of evaluating a use case and finding the right tech stack to balance cost, capability and convenience. Read more

Creating smart cities with connected and smart devices

One town’s journey to better living in a smart city is a lesson in collaboration and choosing the right IoT technology partners, Semtech and SAS Institute. Read more

Creating a Comprehensive and Safe Gas Utility System

A LoRa-enabled CGSS solution delivers a complementary solution that can easily coexist with existing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems. Read more

IoT growth in 2022

Steven Hegenderfer, senior director of developer ecosystems at Semtech Corporation, a global supplier of high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms shares his 2022 predictions. Read more

Amazon wants to take Sidewalk beyond the neighborhood

The new Amazon Sidewalk Bridge Pro could expand the IoT network, hich uses LoRa and LoRaWAN, to city parks, universities, and commercial spaces. Read more

Amazon Sidewalk expands beyond homes to build a commercial Internet of Things

A new, dedicated Sidewalk bridge will bring farms, factories and other nonresidential zones online with Amazon's long-range, low-power IoT network that uses Bluetooth and LoRa radios, which are built into Echo and Ring devices, to connect devices with Amazon's cloud when they're beyond the reach of traditional home networks. Read more

Cary, N.C., to Build IoT Center to Test New Applications

The town is partnering with Semtech and SAS to create an Internet of Things center to pilot new smart city use cases. Read more
RFID Journal

IoT System Monitors Water Levels, Plant Growth, Fire Hazards

ICT International's LoRaWAN solution leverages Semtech chips to transmit data about the environmental health of everything from forests and pastures to estuaries. Read more

Editorial: 10 predictions for the IoT in 2022

IoT Tech News shares predictions of what the IoT industry will look like in 2022 including insight from Steven Hegenderfer, Senior Director of Developer Ecosystems at Semtech. Read more

How LoRaWAN helps utilities expand their businesses with IoT applications for smart cities

This article explores how LoRaWAN helps utilities companies to expand using IoT applications for smart cities Read more

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