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The latest trends in LPWAN

The popularity of low-power wide area networks (LPWAN) in smart cities and rural areas is growing Read more

LPWAN: what a long-range communications network is and how it works

Semtech talks about the novelties of LPWAN, a technology that allows long-range and low-speed wireless communications, for example between IoT devices, often battery-powered. What it is, how it works and what future developments are. Read more

LoRaWAN cos’è e come funziona il trasferimento dati a lungo raggio

Cos'è LoRaWAN e come permette di trasferire dati, seppur con una velocità di trasferimento contenuta, a chilometri di distanza anche fuori dalla copertura di reti WiFi e mobili. Read more

Smart Cities: A New Chapter in the IoT Journey

LPWANs are the key to enabling cities to rapidly adopt accessible "smart" technologies. The cost-effective, wide-area coverage these technologies provide supports the rapid deployment of smart city solutions in urban and harder-to-reach rural areas alike. Read more

How IoT tech enables one of the smartest towns in the US

Many cities are becoming ‘connected’ by deploying sensors across their municipality to collect all kinds of data. The next step to being truly ‘smart’ like Cary, NC is when the IoT data is fed into streaming analytics that create insights enabling predictive decisions through the collaboration with Semtech and SAS. Read more

IoT Connectivity: It’s Enhancing Everyday Life in the Town of Cary, N.C.

Smart technologies put in the hands of eager local officials make for smarter towns that can lead by example. The edge-to-cloud IoT solutions executed as part of this project with the Town of Cary will help to solve ongoing obstacles that are all too present in our world today. Read more


Semtech, the town of Cary & SAS Institute are reducing flood risks with the help of IoT technology Read more

EP 116 - Designing impact and simplicity into Smart Town - Richard Lansdowne, Senior Director of business development, Semtech

In this episode, we discuss a smart city initiative by the town of Cary, SAS and Semtech to improve community services and environmental monitoring for the town. We also explore the process of evaluating a use case and finding the right tech stack to balance cost, capability and convenience. Read more

Creating smart cities with connected and smart devices

One town’s journey to better living in a smart city is a lesson in collaboration and choosing the right IoT technology partners, Semtech and SAS Institute. Read more

Creating a Comprehensive and Safe Gas Utility System

A LoRa-enabled CGSS solution delivers a complementary solution that can easily coexist with existing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems. Read more

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