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Discover the most widely adopted AV-over-IP technology

Uncompressed, zero-latency AV-over-IP is the future of AV signal distribution. And it’s here now. BlueRiver™ technology has forever changed the dynamics of the Pro AV industry by letting installers and OEMs replace proprietary AV matrix switches with off-the-shelf Ethernet networks that deliver dramatically better price/performance, flexibility and scalability.

Wherever you see zero-latency, uncompressed 4K streaming advertised, there’s sure to be BlueRiver technology inside. We’re enabling end-to-end systems for AV and KVM signal extension, IP-based switching, video wall and multi-view applications from dozens of manufacturers. And we’re providing unique support for HDMI 2.0a, HDR, high-fidelity video scaling, windowing and audio downmixing.

Using a synchronous, packet-based architecture for pixel transmission, BlueRiver chipsets can extend and independently switch video, audio, gigabit Ethernet, and other control signals through off-the-shelf Ethernet switches. Replacing custom AV matrix switches with standard networking hardware cuts the cost and size of equipment by 60% while eliminating R&D costs, reducing time-to-market, and lowering inventory risk. BlueRiver chipsets are easily integrated into OEM designs for AV/KVM extension and AV/KVM switching, Ready-to-manufacture reference designs are available for qualified customers.

Founding member of the SDVoE Alliance.

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