ESD Protection
  • RClamp0521Z
  • Ultra Small RClamp® 1-Line ESD protection
  • RClamp0531Z
  • Ultra Small RClamp® 1-Line ESD protection
  • Rclamp0542Z
  • Ultra Small RClamp® 2-Line ESD Protection
  • RClamp0552T
  • Ultra Low Cap, 2 Line, Bidirectional ESD Protection
  • RClamp0564P
  • Femto Farad RailClamp® 4-Line, 170fF ESD Protection
  • RClamp1255P
  • Low Capacitance RClamp® Surge Protection for uUSB Interfaces
  • RClamp1521PQ
  • Ultra-Low Capacitance 1-Line ESD Protection
  • RClamp1821Z
  • Ultra Small RailClamp® 1-Line ESD protection
Semtech RClamp7002M

Semtech RClamp7002M

RailClamp® Low-Capacitance TVS Diode Array

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Not Recommended for New Designs.


  • 1000 Watts peak pulse power (8/20μs)
  • Protection for high-speed data lines to
    • IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD) ±15kV (air), ±8kV (contact)
    • IEC 61000-4-4 (EFT) 40A (5/50ns)
    • IEC 61000-4-5 (Lightning) 1kV, 24A (1.2/50μs)
  • Low clamping voltage: 10V at Ipp = 40A (8/20μs)
  • Array of surge rated suppression diodes
  • Protects two high speed lines
  • Low capacitance: 10pF (I/O to Ground)
  • Operating voltage range: 3.3 - 70V
  • Small package saves board space
  • Solid-state silicon-avalanche technology


  • ADSL Lines
  • Central Office Equipment
  • T1/E1 secondary IC Side Protection
  • Small Office Home Office (SOHO) Applications
  • WAN/LAN Equipment
  • ISDN S/T Interface
  • ATM Interfaces



Order Codes

  • RClamp7002M.TBT: 500 pcs. Tape & Reel
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