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The Future of IoT As We Know It – How Multi-Technology Collaboration will Shape the Next Wave of IoT Innovation

Semtech Director of LoRaWAN Networks, Rémi Lorrain joins Amelia Dalton on Fish Fry Podcast to discuss the differences between LoRa and LoRaWAN, what the collaboration between Swam technologies and Semtech looks like, and how LoRa will help provide connectivity to new areas of the world. Read more
Circuit Cellar

Firm Taps Semtech’s LoRa Devices for Solar Power Gear

Semtech has announced its collaboration with Cloud Energy, an IoT solution provider in Vietnam, for the development and deployment of a network running on the LoRaWAN standard for a wireless solar power system installed on facility rooftops. Read more
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Semtech upgrades LoRaWAN developer portal

Semtech has upgraded the LoRa Developer Portal, which makes it easier for developers, to quickly build IoT devices connected with the LoRaWAN standard. Read more

LoRa portal provides key resources for LoRaWAN device connection

Semtech Corporation announces launch of the LoRa® Developer Portal. Read more

Closing the Education Gap for IoT Developers

DevOps discusses IoT development and the need for better access to educational resources and tools. LoRaWAN standard and basics will need to become readily accessible to close education gap among IoT developers. Read more

Bringing IoT and Analytics to the Forefront of Disaster Preparedness and Response

City governments should invest in Internet of Things solutions to better prepare for and react to natural disasters. Read more
Automated Buildings

Indoor Air & Environment Quality Sensor Enhances Building Automation and Quality of Life: Q&A with Semtech

Automated Buildings speaks with Marc Pegulu, Vice President IoT Strategy and Products at Semtech regarding indoor air and environment quality sensors. Read more
IoT Agenda

Increase productivity in construction with IoT

Construction sites will continue to become more complex, requiring companies to adopt IoT-enabled sensors and devices to accommodate the ever-changing demands of the industry. Read more

Harnessing IoT Solutions for Workplace Safety

Smart technology has the potential to connect and protect our communities at the same time. Alistair Fulton, vice president and general manager, Wireless and Sensing Group at Semtech, shares how IoT can ease the transition back to the workplace. Read more

Minimizing Flood Risk with IoT Analytics Solutions

In flood-prone areas, communities can leverage analytics and IoT sensors to increase situational awareness, deliver advanced warnings, and improve emergency response through automation. Read more

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