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A diverse selection of cutting-edge products designed with leading technology

Semtech Corporation is a leading supplier of high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms. We design, develop, manufacture, and market a wide range of products for commercial applications, the majority of which are sold into the enterprise computing, communications, high-end consumer, and industrial end-markets. Our solutions are used in some of the most innovative systems and products available. More than 5,000 customers worldwide rely on our diverse product portfolio and world class technology roadmap for solutions in low-power wireless communications, optical data transport, video broadcasting, power management, circuit protection, touch sensing, and more, making Semtech one of the most balanced semiconductor companies in the industry.

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LoRa®, long-range, low-power platform, is highly integrated and cost-effective, boasting a notable battery life of up to 20 years, a 3-mile range in urban environments and a 30-mile range outdoors.

Sophisticated devices that protect sensitive circuitry from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), Electrical Fast Transients (EFT), Cable Discharge Events (CDE), and other electrical overstress.

A comprehensive portfolio of innovative optical, analog and mixed-signal semiconductor solutions that serve the rising global demand for high-speed data transmission products.

Advanced off-the-shelf technology that enables end-to-end systems and integrates advanced inline signal processing capabilities such as light compression, broadcast quality scaling and audio down-mixing.

Ultra-low power, feature-rich touch controllers that are optimized for numerous applications and provide best-in-class sensitivity with robust noise immunity to enhance touch and near range proximity detection.

Award-winning solutions designed specifically to push real-world broadcast boundaries in performance, reach, power, and signal integrity while reducing time to market and design risks.

A pioneer in power management ICs across networking and industrial power, handheld power and automotive applications, Semtech leads the quest to enable a new class of greener, smarter and smaller end products.

Offering turnkey solutions for ranging power levels, support for industry standards and firmware-based flexibility for today’s cutting-edge wearables, mobile devices and industrial equipment.