LoRa® Geolocation: Unlocking New Value for IoT Solutions

Use it to Locate, Navigate, Manage and Track

LoRa Geolocation is a GPS-free solution for low power wide area networks. As a major enhancement to the LoRa wireless RF platform, Semtech's LoRa geolocation solution will enable a wide range of applications which require the determination of a location as part of the overall solution.

This new functionality is supported by existing LoRa end nodes, eliminating additional cost and requiring no additional processing power, while maintaining optimal security for data and location.

LoRaWAN™ sensors can now support tracking applications by using Differential Time of Arrival techniques to determine approximate location to the nearest city block.

Get the Lowest Power, Lowest Cost and Longest Life

LoRa Geolocation allows companies to unlock geodata with the lowest power, at the lowest cost and with the lowest environmental impact.

Lowest Power

  • No processing of location in the sensor
  • No "time on air" required to transmit the location data
  • Geolocation possible with the smallest possible LoRaWAN packet

Lowest Cost

  • No GNSS or other hardware in the sensor
  • Smaller battery as no sensor power is used in getting location
  • Smallest size, including electronics, battery, enclosure

Lowest Environmental Impact

  • Sensor hardware is minimized (including electronics, battery, case size, etc.)
  • Many sensors will be fitted with a lifetime battery
What Does LoRa Geolocation Enable?

By the end of 2020, there will be more than 15 Billion connected devices in IoT. Of those, approximately one-third will be critically dependent on geodata, and 60% will potentially include geodata in the application, according to Machina Research.

Semtech’s LoRa geolocation solution is positioned to uniquely meet this need by offering extremely power efficient, GPS-free location capability for many markets, including automotive, logistics, consumer, insurance, agriculture, construction and others.

How to Get LoRa Geolocation

Contact your Semtech sales representative for more information and to implement the LoRa geolocation solution today.