Semtech Wireless Charging EVM Firmware

Wireless Power GUI

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To download the latest EVM firmware, select your EVM and click the appropriate firmware link below.

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TS80002 (Transmitter)

TX EVM RX EVM Description TX Firmware
TSWITX-G4-EVM TSWIRX-5V-EVM 5V/1W Proprietary Wearable TX + TS51221 RX Contact Semtech


5V/1W Proprietary Wearable TX + TS51223 RX
TSWITX-12V-EVM TSWIRX-5V2-EVM 5V/2W Proprietary Wearable TX + TS51223 RX Contact Semtech

TS80000 (Transmitter)

TX EVM Description TX Firmware
TSDMTX-19V1-EVM 19V/15W Dual-Mode (Qi and PMA) TX
TSDMTX-5V-EVM 5V/5W Dual-Mode (Qi and PMA) TX
TSDMTX-19V2-EVM 19V/15W WPC1.2.2 Dual-Mode (Qi and PMA) TX
TSDMTX-5V2-EVM 5V/5W, 9V/10W, QC2.0 Dual-Mode (Qi and PMA) TX
DMTX-19V15W-EZ-SYS 19V/15W Dual Mode
Under Mount Furniture Charger

TS81000 (Receiver)

RX EVM Description RX Firmware
TSDMRX-19V/20W-EVM 19V/20W Dual-Mode (Qi and PMA) RX Contact Semtech
TSDMRX-5V/10W-EVM 5V/10W Dual-Mode (Qi and PMA) RX Contact Semtech
TSDMRX-5V/5W-EVM 5V/5W Dual-Mode (Qi and PMA) RX Contact Semtech