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Track & Trace Using AWS & LoRa Cloud Services

Asset tracking and traceability is a critical requirement in many industry verticals, but can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. In addition, solutions are often power-hungry and require frequent recharging of batteries. This frequent need to recharge makes these solutions unsuitable for many Internet of Things (IoT) applications due to the manual overhead typically required. Join Semtech and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to learn how they are addressing these issues with a Cloud-based indoor and outdoor track and trace application based on Semtech’s LoRa Edge™ platform and the AWS IoT Core. AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN® is a fully managed service that enables enterprises to connect low power wireless devices to a network based on the LoRaWAN standard without developing or operating a network server. Speakers: Karthik Ranjan, Semtech Ashu Joshi, AWS ProServe Learn more about LoRa Edge on the Semtech website: