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IoT-Optimized Ultra-low Power Asset Tracking

Together with Microsoft Azure’s geospatial mapping capabilities and rich set of web services, organizations can easily build cost-effective location-based capabilities into asset tracking solutions - whether it’s for tracking animals on a farm, bikes in a city, golf carts, shopping carts, or industrial assets. One example of a company that has built an end-to-end asset-tracking solution using LoRa Cloud and Azure is Digital Matter. Join Karthik Ranjan, Cloud partnerships and solutions leader at Semtech and Tom Patton, principal program manager at Microsoft to learn how you can build an innovative chip-to-Cloud asset tracking solution using LoRa Cloud geolocation services on Azure. Additionally, Andre Blignaut, EU managing director at Digital Matter will discuss its innovative asset tracking solution, which helps businesses build, sell and deploy smarter IoT asset tracking solutions. Karthik and Tom will detail a wide variety of LoRa Edge use cases that track and manage the location and condition of critical assets as they move and are stored through the supply chain. Learn more: