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Enabling the Next Generation of AV-over-IP with BlueRiver

Semtech’s award winning BlueRiver platform is the core technology for Software Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE™) and is recognized as the only true replacement for legacy matrix switching applications, delivering high fidelity 4K resolution with low latency and much more. With the latest BlueRiver Pro AV 2.0 product strategy, Semtech's AVXT product line will be fully integrated into the BlueRiver platform. This not only simplifies device selection, but also provides both AV-over-IP and point-to-point extension functionality at cost points that dramatically reduce the gap between products typically developed independently for each application. With BlueRiver Pro AV 2.0, a single BlueRiver-powered product line can be utilized for simple HDMI extenders or matrix switch applications, while capable of being connected to an Ethernet switch, unlocking the full potential of the high-performance AV-over-IP feature set and SDVoE. Not only that, with BlueRiver Pro AV 2.0, full fiber connectivity will be unlocked on the entry-level BlueRiver device, providing fiber AV routing and distribution at no premium over copper-based solutions. In this webinar, Gareth Heywood, senior product manager at Semtech, will present the latest BlueRiver Pro AV 2.0 product strategy, explaining how a single high-performance product platform based on BlueRiver can accelerate the market transition toward an all AV-over-IP future. Additionally, Gareth will detail how this common platform can service both legacy matrix switch architectures and low-cost point-to-point AV extension, using both copper and fiber connectivity, and benefit hybrid AV installations. Learn more on our website: