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Semtech Product Overview: RClamp0512TQ

Watch and learn about the Semtech RailClamp0512TQ, a 2-line, low-cap surge/ESD protection solution. RClamp® 0512TQ is specifically designed to provide secondary surge and ESD protection on high-speed ports. RClamp0512TQ integrates low capacitance, surge-rated steering diodes with a high power transient voltage suppressor (TVS). The TVS utilizes snap-back or €œcrow-bar€ technology to minimize device clamping voltage and features high surge current capability of 20A (tp=8/20us). ESD characteristics are highlighted by high ESD withstand voltage (+/-30kV per IEC 61000-4-2) and extremely low dynamic resistance (0.075 Ohms typical). Each device will protect two lines operating at 5 volts and are qualified to AEC-Q100, Grade 1 (-40 to +125 oC) for automotive applications.