Linear Regulators & Controllers
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  • Very Low Input /Very Low Dropout 1 Amp Regulator
  • SC4212L
  • High PSRR, Very Low Input, Very Low Dropout, 1A Linear Regulator
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  • 5 Amp Low-Dropout Regulator
Semtech EZ1083

Semtech EZ1083

7.5 A Positive Voltage Regulator

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The EZ1083 is a high performance positive voltage regulator designed for use in applications requiring low dropout performance at 7.5A. Additionally, the EZ1083 series provides excellent regulation over variations in line, load and temperature.


  • Low dropout performance: 1.4 V max.
  • Full current rating over line and temperature
  • Fast transient response
  • Adjust pin current max 90 µA over temperature
  • Fixed/adjustable output voltage
  • Line regulation typically 0.015%
  • Load regulation typically 0.05%
  • ± 2% total output regulation over line, load, and temperature
  • TO-220 package. Available in WEEE and RoHS compliant package


  • PC motherboards
  • Microcontroller systems
  • Medical equipment
  • Low-power microprocessor systems
  • Post regulation for switching power supplies
  • Telecommunication systems



Order Codes

  • EZ1083CT: $500.00 min.line Bulk (50 pcs.increments)
  • EZ1083CT-1.5: $500.00 min.line Bulk (50 pcs.increments)
  • EZ1083CT-2.5: $500.00 min.line Bulk (50 pcs.increments)
  • EZ1083CT-3.3: $500.00 min.line Bulk (50 pcs.increments)
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